You guys like Stephen Colbert?

He’s Catholic and seems to take it pretty seriously, even when it would be easy to make light of it. On the other hand, he’s kind of liberal and does make fun of some views on certain social issues that most Catholics would take exception to. What’s your overall impression of him?

If you care, that is. I know comedy shows making fun of current events aren’t at all important to some people. But I also know some people do enjoy them, and you’re out there somewhere.

Colbert is in Iraq right now, btw. And this is a pretty funny clip from pretty recently.

I like him. He is pretty funny. I like his book, too.


God Bless,

Iowa Mike

I like him. Of course I love his impressions of these so called “watching out for you” talk show hosts. You can be funny and be a liberal. Alec Baldwin is great on 30 Rock and on all those SNL shows he use to do.

I use to know a guy that hated Dennis Miller until he became a republican. Then he was the funniest guy around.

i recgonize that he is funny(or at least his writers are) and that he is very skilled at delivering his lines. i dont really care for his show, except for the constant reminder that bears are our number 1 threat.

Sometimes. At first, I didn’t get it that he was satirizing the conservative talk shows because I didn’t watch them. I thought he was just not very funny. However, sometimes his show is pretty watchable and entertaining.

Currently (this week) he is live from Iraq, entertaining the troops, and the shows have been really good.

Absolutely! I am as conservative as they come and I still love to laugh at own hypocricy. But, in all fairness, he lampoons everyones stupidity.

That’s why I like him. Everyone feels his bite if they mess up.

Plus, videos like these are what make him so great. There’s no way he read that off a teleprompter. This Sunday School teacher/tv personality knows his stuff

His interview with Bart Ehrman was pretty good as well.

I think he is doing a great job. His show in Iraq is pretty enlightening as well. Don’t see much in the news from soldiers.

That is an absolutely awesome clip :rotfl:


He’s SO funny

I <3 his book

I’m torn. And frankly, I can’t figure the guy out.

I loved his book though (I have the audio version as well…it’s hilarious!); and I do enjoy watching the show from time to time. He’s had some good interviews, the one with Kmiec was funny and he got in some good jabs… but I was upset because it promoted the guy’s book (about how a Catholic CAN support Obama).

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