You hate me? Thanks [Michael Coren]

So yesterday a friend showed me an article she was reading in the paper. Knowing I was Catholic, she wanted my opinion on what she thought was a very bigoted, poorly argued, nasty article. I was expecting something really offensive, but it turned out to be a column by Michael Coren, a Canadian columnist I quite like. I thought it was a bit triumphalist, but nothing too bad. I showed the article to three or four other people, and they all decided he was a bigot. In particular it was this paragraph, refering to a Richard Dawkins recent editorial:

“He then, of course, spoke of priests “buggering altar boys.” Maybe it’s sexual repression that makes Catholic-bashers so fascinated with this particular horror, but it’s interesting that many of the same people who want to lower the age of consent for gay sex to 14 become so allegedly upset about abusive homosexual clergy. Apparently it’s OK to bugger teenagers as long as they’re not altar boys.”

He obviously wasn’t saying that all homosexuals are abusers, or anything close to that, but that’s the impression every single person, except for me, got after reading his article. I think he was just pointing out the hypocrisy that exists among some commentators who are blinded by hatred for the Church. Here’s the full article:


Read the article. Thought it very good. Didn’t find it bigoted at all.

GREAT article. Thanks for sharing i and no i did not find it bigote at all

Homosexual priests buggering chicken hawks don’t fall much out of the norm of what homosexual behavior. Desire for emulating the breeders through a happily ever after sort of monogamy on the other hand, is not very normal homosexual behavior at all.

It always struck me as peculiar that the same people who see Oscar Wilde as some kind of hero don’t use these priests or this or that Renaissance pope too as other shining examples of what they are demanding society accept as the new good.

I love his rants. :smiley:

Great article. Thanks for sharing and how true- THEY are critical because the Catholic church preaches the truth.

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