You Have To Love The Holy Father!

Now, this is how to Incense!

Thank you for sharing this, Fr. Corey. I wish that my parish used incense. But I have to wonder what would happen if that thurible hit someone!

That was cool! :slight_smile:

very nice. I love incense, but perhaps not that much… :slight_smile:

That’s wild! Thanks for posting.

I use videos of the Botafumeiro in my physics classes:

*]Illustrates the relationship between Kinetic and Potential Energy - pulling on the ropes gives the pendulum more potential energy that becomes kinetic as the swings get more extreme.
*]Illustrates the phenomenon that the time between swings is related to the length of the rope
*]*Not *to the *weight *of the thurible, and…
*]*Not *to how fast, and…
*]*Not *to *how far *to either side the thurible is swinging.
*]Note that the timing is the *same *when they stop pumping it up around 3:00 and when the show is basically over around 5:00.

*]Illustrates the phenomenon that a pendulum swings in a plane:
*]The plane appears stationary and a shove to one side or the other is the only thing that will get it to swing in circles - note that pulling on the ropes only raises and lowers it *without *making it go in circles.
*]But if left to swing all day, the plane will slowly rotate as the earth turns underneath it.

*]Illustrates the principle that one should not park one’s car in the north or south parking lots alongside the cathedral unless you have very good insurance.
*]And, as a side note, the vents slots on the lid are nearly straight lines - illustrating the mathematical fact that a *hyperboloid of one sheet *can be generated by sweeping an oblique *straight line *around a central point outside the line (
Catholic Trivia: Yes, there have been accidents.

Are you familiar with these pages:

They demonstrate the physics of the Botafumeiro.


That’s God’s personal thurible lol. I could not imagine how painful it would be to get hit by that.

Wow! If that doesn’t drive out the smoke of satan…

Thanks Father, I needed that today!:slight_smile:

Heh heh. Thanks. :slight_smile:

That was AMAZING to see.

That said the paramedic and mother in me was thinking of the safety hazard!!! :bigyikes:

Couldn’t happen in UK, the health & safety nuts would have heart attacks. On second thoughts let’s introduce it:D

I would be worried about a strong cross wind in there.
You don’t want to hear the congregation singing,
the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…

THAT was sooo cool…!!!

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