You have to wonder where some folks get their history and theology degrees

She is a very sadly misinformed and hate filled person. But she loves her Catholic friends :rolleyes: - I have to wonder what they will think about her opinion of their Faith.


It is sad. But this is something many have come to expect from gay and lesbian media sources. The Houston Voice is very upfront about the community they serve. That being said, the vitriol and hate is just saddening. Free speech at its worst.

And her grammar and spelling are atrocious, too. :wink:

Funny how she hates Catholic clergy who ask their parishioners to vote against gay marriage but yet insists that her readers vote for it. So, freedom of speech allows her to insist on others voting for one side of the issue but not the Church asking others to vote on the other side.

In defense of “equality” she’s not giving us enough equal rights to vote as we please.

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