You just never know what;s going on in their heads

I just had to share this…

My 13 yr old granddaughter approached her priest after Mass last Sunday and told him she was going to have some surgery on Mon. She wanted him to pray for her. Instead, he decided to administer the Sacrament of the Sick to her and asked her to meet him after Mass in the church. He did a very beautiful anointing and she was very grateful and thanked him nicely. “But”, she said, “I have a question.” What is that, my dear?" he said. “Am I gonna get pimples where you rubbed that oil on my forehead?” she asked. :eek: I nearly died holding in my laughter, and I could see the priest trying to keep a straight face as he told her “No, those oils don’t cause pimples.”

We just never know what goes on in a teenager’s mind, I guess. :wink:

That’s a lie!!! I had the same fear as my confirmation approached, and my 15 year old self rushed home immediately following the ceremony and thoroughly washed my face, but I still had a stubborn breakout on my forehead that didn’t resolve for months.

Although, the thorough washing could also have caused this. Depending on the level of force you were putting in to it or the cleanser itself…:shrug:

In any case, that was a cute story and I hope her surgery went well!

OK. That made me laugh. That was precious!

Gotta love our teens! May God bless them as they go through the process of “growing up…”

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