You know I think there should be more love.


I love the fact that I have returned to my catholic faith. It seems to me like there is such a lack of love for those of other deniminatiions. My girlfriend leans far more to being a Buddhist. THough I love her and she respects and loves my faith. Funny thing is she knows Buddhism is just a philosophy and Buddha claimed never to be a God. In my readings of THomas Merton he seems very influenced by Eastern thought. The other day my girlfriend was very interested on my knowledge of Saint Pio. She even asked questions on stigmata and other mysteries.

I am not saying we should all be involved in some “hippy” love. I think using Pope John Paul 2nd views on forgivness and open communication we might all begin to come closer to God. Who knows I am the biggest sinner and I know this. THough I want to be more open to other religions and denominations.

I will say I think there are cults though , Such as Jehovas Witness, Mormon , Seventh day adventist as some examples. I just have a hard time with the notion that the Dali LAma or Gandhi is going to hell.


Before a debate over ecumenism erupts, a point of clarity needs to be made.

When the question of “why can’t so and so make it to heaven” arises we need to understand what is being asked lest we fall into serious error.

For example, we cannot be asking “will God condemn Jehovah’s Witnesses at the final judgement?” for it is not our place to limit the mercy of God. It is His and His alone to give as He wills and it is nothing short of arrogance for us to make any assumptions.


The question *should *be “*are *there any Jehovah’s Witnesses in heaven?” The answer to that is absolutely not. It is hard to deny the divinity of Christ when you’re standing in His presence.

It is possible for a member of any religion to make it into heaven but *if *they make it to heaven it is not by virtue of their current religious beliefs. There *must *be conversion at some point and since we cannot see what transpires at the moment of their judgement we cannot say whether or not they should or shouldn’t be in heaven.

Yes, Ghandi may have been a very “good” person, but at the moment of judgement if he denied the divinity of Christ as he stands before the Son, why on earth *would *he be in heaven? And, since we have no idea what actually transpired, we cannot really speak one way or another about it.

See the difference?


Oh wait a minute! I did not state that I believe Jehovas witnesses will go to heaven , I know it is not my place tojudge ! Though I did place them in the cult part og my conversation…

As for Gandhi…Did Not Christ say " Blessed are the peace makers…"


No worries! :slight_smile: I knew what you meant. I was just anticipating a debate that might rage on.

As for Gandhi…Did Not Christ say " Blessed are the peace makers…"

Yes…but that was not an isolated teaching. That single line is to be included in the whole of the Sermon on the Mount. There’s more to getting to heaven than just “being a peacemaker.”

Think of the Ten Commandments. Yes, one commandment is not to steal, but you can’t get to heaven by just living out that one commandment. There’s nine others that you have to worry about.


I agree and understand your point of view. I am still batteling with my soul on things.

I guess in the end what I am getting at is ,We need more love in our approach in understanding other faiths. Rather than just condeming people. I think it is more important to love a hindu than to send them to hell in our minds.


Absolutely. Here’s the kicker though…judgement isn’t about God’s love for someone ceasing, its about *their *love for God. God still loves the souls in Hell. In fact, I heard one time that Hell is not so much a physical place, per se, since God is omnipresent, but rather a state of being. The fire and torment of hell is the pain of the immense love of God enveloping the heart of a soul that denies him entirely.

I’m not sure that’s true, in fact it may be heretical, but it illustrates a larger point. Judgement isn’t about God failing to love an individual, its about that individual failing to love God for all He is and we would do well to have the same approach. We should be like God to them, always loving them in the hope of conversion, even if they deny us.

God will sort out the rest.

Oh, and welcome home!!! I forgot to congratulate you on your return to the Church!!! :smiley:


I do feel after commiting a major sin , As I have ! THat you end up in some form of a personal hell , A personal purgatory . It is an awful place to be. One I have trouble with daily.

I heard a great quote from CS Lewis …He said , " I never wanted to be a Christian , I went into it kicking and screaming" I feel that way right now .

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