You know if you're Pre Vatican II if..

I just purchased The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Catholicism. I saw these and some of them made me smile. Here ya go:

You have a St.Christopher medal in your car

You know more than 15 recipes for preparing tuna fish

You bury a statue of St. Joesph upside down in your yard when you are selling your home

You can name all of Ethel Kennedy’s kids

You name your first daughter Mary

You reach into your pocket for a hankerchief,and your rosary falls out

You think twice before ordering a steak on Fridays

You refer to all other religions as “non Catholic”

You have mistakenly genuflected before taking your seat in a theater

You put J.M.J. at the top of your expense report before turning it in to your boss.

You make the sign of the cross before shooting a basket

You suffer from free floating guilt

You have a braided palm leaf stuck behind the corner of the crucifix in your bedroom

You have pinned a tissue to the top of your head to go to church

You have ransomed a “pagan baby”

You know the difference between a “C rated” movie, and an “X rated” movie

You know that a spiritual bouqet isn’t something you buy from a florist.

This one is my favorite. Made me laugh out loud.
thanks for posting


:DYou forgot knowing Latin fluently.

You know what a “Tunie” is.

You were born before 1962. :slight_smile:

Is this because you’re not meant to actually wear them while out and about?

You reach into your pocket for a hankerchief,and your rosary falls out

i still do some of this stuff and i’m post vatican 2 actualy i was rasied to do some of this stuff.

Hey how’d you know that!?!?

You bow your head when saying the Holy Name of Jesus

Might be OK if a Biblical epic is being shown. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one!

You tip your hat (if you’re a man) when you pass a Catholic Church

If you’re a female you get a new outfit for Easter complete with a new hat and a corsage.

Lent ends at noon on Holy Saturday so if you’re a kid you look forward to your Easter Basket.

Men would always carry their rosary in their pocket along with their handkerchief.

You march in the May Crownings in May at Church and sometimes around the block.

You would never step into a Protestant Church.

You go to Confession each Saturday.

And if you’re an adult, you have fasting (Ember Days) during each season.

You make the sign of the cross when passing by a Catholic Church.

You remember hearing [even in poor parishes], “Did you see what she was wearing? The same thing she wore last Easter!”

How about 6pm family rosaries, with ear pulling and pinching when you got caught laughing and playing in Church or during family prayers.

How about Pre-Vatican II punishments? Being placed in corners to pray when you misbehaved.

How about singing songs in the car on the way to Mass? We knew it was gonna be a great day when Dad would fall in and sing with us kids on the way to Mass.

Some of these posts bring back comical wholesome memories. Thanks for the nostalgic memories.

Does anyone have memories of their Mom’s friends leaving lipstick marks on your face and get blown away from “big” Lady perfumes after Mass?

…you still have a veil or a chapel cap in your top dresser drawer…

…you understand any Latin (such as my log-in name!)…

…you still expect sisters to wear habits, instead of being invisible in society…

…you think that indulgences can be added up as days, years, and quarantines…

…you have an overwhelming desire to root for the Notre Dame football team every fall…

…you bring a crib medal to a baby shower…

Some of us still do.

Here’s some more:

Visiting nine Catholic Churches on Sunday for an Indulgence
Nuns ringing bells at you in Church (or clappers) if you’re not kneeling all the time at daily Mass
Special Children’s Stations of the Cross on Friday afternoons during Lent
Novenas at Churches
Saying the 3 Hail Mary’s after Mass along with the Holy Queen and St. Michael’s prayer (I think they should be restored after all the Masses now).
Mission priests giving talks during Lent,
Pastors in Catholic elementary school distributing report cards
No sundresses in Church, and no sleeveless ones either, even during the hot summers
Saying the family Rosary every night whether you felt liked it or not, and also saying it in the car during summer vacations.
Always saying grace and the Angelus
Misbehaving in Church (either your parents disciplined you or the nuns did)
Sodality of Our Lady for Catholic girl teens

The “new” responses at Mass are not new to you.

You remember when the altar boy made the congregation’s responses.

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