You Know When It's the Devil

Here’s a link to the commercial using a supposed exorcism to sell a product. Part funny, part horrible and crass.


This is real strange, indeed! Really stupid-of course, I have my kirby and loved it :slight_smile: They definitely have some weird ads :frowning:

Ah, the Kirby is much more than a vacuum cleaner; it’s a way of life! :wink:

Yes-works wonders as a steam cleaner :slight_smile:

Oh-I just realize something-was this commercial from Germany? I have noticed the plug outlet identical to those used in Germany (I went twice there). Still in stitches over this commercial :smiley:

The end was really funny, but I did sort of have flashbacks of “The Exorcist.”


Which I still have never seen all the way through. Friend and I made it to when her head spun around and then we RAN out of the theater. My friend stopped watching way before that.


You could tell that they were totally trying to spoof The Exorcist, one of the greatest films ever made. :popcorn:

Wonderful and creative commercial. I laughed so hard at the end.

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