‘You leave my husband alone!’: Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell confronted over family separations


This merits its own thread. A bunch of male students from an elite Catholic university confronting a 65 year old Asian woman is not a good look for Democrats.


We need to get used to it, and learn how to respond to these types of tactics. They are not new.


Sadly I’m not surprised McConnell can’t stand up for himself and has his wife do it for him.


Fix the “horrible” detention practice.


How anyone can defend these tactics is beyond me, it stinks of extremism and desperation, as if we’ve exhausted all reasoned arguments and have moved on to mass intimidation.


Considering that a year at Georgetown will set you back about $30k, not including room and board, you can probably add elitism to the mix.


I went to our courthouse yesterday to ask if those accused of a crime could be released from the “horrible detention”, being separated from their families, and they said no.

As for the border, I agree. If they’ve crossed the border illegally, have a hearing and send them home. If they have applied for asylum, have a hearing to decide if the meet the qualifier asylum. If yes, release. If no, send them home.

I forgot to mention, build the wall so that detentions are far less necessary. To that end, I do not recommend harassing Democrats who are in the Senate when they are out with their families or on their personal time. Those would be fascistic type tactics


I suppose if Catholics took this approach to a range of issues we opposed (family separation, abortion, pornography, euthanasia, etc) we’d either have mass chaos, or a lot more change aligned to Catholic teaching. I am not sure why this issue is being singled out as unacceptable when people have been willing to accept these other atrocities for so long. Doesn’t mean it is okay to separate families, but it is curious.

Unfortunately, people who follow the magisterium are too few to be anything more than an annoyance to everyone else, I suspect.


It seems like some people have a problem with free speech. Nothing wrong with people giving their opinion to public officials. People have to remember, Mitch works for us, we don’t work for him. The merits or lack of merits of the protesters is not really relevant. If politicians don’t want feedback then stay away from the public.


They asked the Secretary of Transportation and the Senate Majority Leader why they are separating families. If you’re going to belong to, and support the policies of, an administration that does something like this, it’s perfectly legitimate to question you about it.


That’s one of the biggest problems with people staying on Congress so long – they forget who they work for.


Personally I don’t have a problem with politicians being questioned on any topic…as long as it’s done in a respectful non confrontational way…after all they are elected to represent us so “we the people” have that right to ask…I don’t think we have the right to harass them as was the case with Sarah Sanders…that is interfering with her personal right to liberty


I don’t have a problem with “free speech”.

Nothing at all.

Mitch doesn’t work for you, he works for the people of the state of Kentucky. That’s how a representative Democracy works. Representatives and Senators work for their constituents.

So you think a gang of male college students from an elite Catholic university getting in the face of a 65 year old Asian woman on her way out with her husband is appropriate behavior? The kind of behavior they teach at Georgetown? I’d be horrified if it was one of my kids standing their yelling at Ms. Chao, and my daughter had blue hair.


With what?

  • Release them with the right to work, while they await their day in court
  • Release them with a subsistence stipend
  • Deport them and tell them to apply in Mexico at the embassy


I’m not sure about Mitch the Turtle. However, Ryan, among others, has crossed the line. What is the line? An attack on the Constitution and the essence of what it means to be an American. This goes far, far, far beyond any mere disagreement on policy.

I think the question everyone has to ask is: “To what degree am I complicit?” If I see Sarah H-S in the street and I say nothing, what does that mean?

Put it this way: You are in Germany in 1933. Himmler comes into your restaurant. You are Jewish. Do you serve him and call him “sir”? I don’t think so.

And yes, we still–thank God–have a little space between Trump in 2018 and Hitler in 1933. But that space diminishes every day. But at what point does Trump, his staff, his cronies, his supporters, cross over into that space where to breath the same air as them is corrupting? Different people have different lines. But if I saw one of these “people” in a public setting, I would not be silent or polite. They have forfeited that privilege.

Oh…and we had primaries yesterday. I live in a Republican county. The Democratic vote was 2x the Republican vote. Several “tea party” Republicans who had been in office for years were tossed out–by the Republicans. November can’t come soon enough.


You do if you don’t want to end up in a concentration camp, which is why comparisons like this are ridiculous. No secret police is going to pull up in a Black Maria at midnight to haul these men off to be tortured.


And yet an intern who yelled an obscenity at Trump in the Capitol was suspended for a week and her Capitol pass cancelled. A woman on a bicycle who gave the finger to Trump’s cavalcade as it passed by lost her job. Don’t worry–we’re getting to the point where the secret police will enforce “respect” for those in office. Like the laws in all dictatorships.


I agree 100%, building the wall will fix so many of these issues! It really is the right thing to do from a humanitarian perspective.


I fail to see how you could celebrate the success of politicians who advocate for infanticide and want to make it easier.


For all you know I could be a resident of Kentucky. I realize they work for their constituents. The point is, they are servants, and they need to be reminded of that from time to time.

Why not? Nothing wrong with protesting. People have the right to protest the actions of the people who work for them.

I think that the fact that you are so judgemental about blue hair says a lot more about you than it does about the protester. You are free to not like blue hair, I don’t much like it either. But there is nothing to be horrified about blue hair. Blue hair is one of those nonessential things about which we should have liberty. The fact that you want to condemn someone for making a completely morally licit choice says a lot about you.

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