You might be in a redneck church if

Finish the sentence…Catholic or Protestant.
Keep in mind I’ve lived in WV for a decade now.:eek:
Keep it light.

…the church closes during hunting season.:eek:
I have actually seen this.

Lol I know some people will disagree with my comment but that’s hilarious.

If your preacher looks like the guys from Duck Dynasty.

Hey easy on our Orthodox brothers. I’ve always thought uncle Si’s beard reminded me of Patriarch Theofilos of Jerusalem.:smiley:

If your preacher IS Duck Dynasty! :tiphat:


Mass times are scheduled around the Wildcats game schedule…

This Sunday’s reading was from the book of Ram: “Thine enemies must Ford the deep waters, but thou shalt Dodge the sea.”

One of our churches in our tri-parish (Lutheran) has a special dinner for hunters during deer hunting season :D.

The baptismal pool is the local creek down the hollow.

Amen is said “Aaaaaaa-men.”

…you’re at the altar with your sister.

(sorry you guys)

**The three ways I can usually tell If I’m in a redneck church…

  1. The choir is known as the “OK Chorale.”

  2. Boone’s Farm “Tickle Pink” is the favorite wine for communion.

  3. In a congregation of 500 members, there are only seven last names
    in the church directory.**

Love this thread!

As someone who was baptized in a creek, keep ‘em comin’!:thumbsup:


I can honestly say that I’m not Redneck…and probably never will be. I’ve lived in the NE all my life.
However, this thread is just awesome!

Redneck…or just Welsh!

Hubby came up with six last names that make up about 90% of the population of Wales.

Ever seen the movie “The Englishmen that went up a hill and came down a mountain”?

… the priest blesses guns and hunting dogs outside after Mass.

… the Stations of the Cross are painted on black velvet.

… there is a wasp nest in the sanctuary.

… if you pronounce psalms with a ‘p’.

If your church’s patron saint is Saint Wendelin of Trier. (Patron of country people). There is actually a St Wendelin parish in Shannon, Illinois a small farm community in the Diocese of Rockford, il.

Your pastor is Father Bubba…

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