You pass a gun bill and nobody obeys, what do you do next

do they go door to door or just ignore it? feel good laws don’t stop anything

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or there aren’t that many bump stocks in circulation? a law in need of villains.

a feel-good law that has very little if any affect.


Based on the penalty (up to 180 days in jail and up to $1000 fine), the law is likely a misdemeanor. I doubt enforcing the law will be a priority for either police or prosecutors, so “fell good law with little effect” is probably all it is.


In most states, “felony” is defined by the maximum imprisonment period. In my state, a “felony” is an act punishable by at least one year imprisonment.

And bump stocks might not have required background checks. So the owners might not be on any list anywhere.

I wonder if it’s illegal if it’s not on the gun.

I can see an enthusiast getting one as a novelty item, that’s it.
Ammo is far to expensive to use one regularly at the range.
You wouldn’t leave it on a home defense weapon due to loss of control.

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Doubtful. Seems more likely that not that many people own a bump stock there, if any. I wonder if they expected masses of people, tears streaming down their faces, to come in contritely and turn in the 50 bump stocks that each person owned?


I’m sure they will, as long as it’s legislation that doesn’t fly in the face of the Constitution.

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I’d be leary of a city council making such rules vs the Constitution.

Also, if I owned one and lived in Denver, I’d sell it to someone outside the city limits rather than give it to PD.

Not my caveat, friend. We have a Constitution for a reason.

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It’s not very mysterious to me. It says what it says. I recommend any lawyer out of law school if you’re having issues.

i don’t think too many people have bump stocks. per one reporter

The bump stocks weren’t well known among the general public until the shooting and aren’t sold widely.

the gun charge is usually the first to go in a plea deal. it helps the prosecutor win an easy conviction. they need to enforce existing laws, not make feel good ones.

Most gun owners don’t commit crimes against other persons. I’m sure, they like everyone, don’t obey all the regulatory laws. Plus, you have to be charged with a crime if you want to challenge the law. So if someone wants to challenge this unconstitutional restriction they need to be charged with the crime. It is only liberal rights like abortion and same sex ‘marriage’ where you can preemptively get a law struck down.

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Of course. Everyone does.

under yoour way of looking at it, since no one can keep all of the laws, no one is law abiding.

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The is no right under the Constitution to own a bump stock, or own an automatic weapon, or the age at which any type of weapon may be purchased. These things are entirely up to Congress or the States.

No one is law abiding if by that you mean breaks no laws. But gun owners are obviously more law abiding than the general public since by law they can’t purchase a firearm if they are a felon, use drugs, or have a domestic violence charge.

I certainly wouldn’t rely on the liberal Denver City council to get it right, wait for a court decision.

Sure, let’s go door to door. I’d like to see those keyboard heroes with their Molon Labe shirts draped over their massive guts actually back up their dumb “vote from the rooftops!!!” posturing.

(In case it’s not obvious, I don’t actually want to see anyone get hurt…)

I don’t see a problem if the police have search warrants, but barring due legal process, there would be a justified resistance.

In the real world, they will only be able to get such warrants where there is sufficient evidence, a very small number of gun owners.

Yeah, I get that there are legal problems. I’m mostly just making fun of the survivalist types who posture about how they’d heroically resist like the Wolverines from Red Dawn.

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