You see right through me

One of my friends can see right past my deceptiveness, evasions, omissions. He calls me put directly when he sees it. He can see my sins the tendencies I try to hide. He knows I gossip, I present two different images to people, etc. I wonder why he chooses to associate with me. I am so transparent to him that it frightens me. Is this a gift from God?

id treat it as such:)

Why do you say that? God seems to give me gifts I do not want. Ha-ha

Why does he continue to associate with me?

I wouldn’t put too much thought into it, could be for any reason as far as any of us could know, just try to live your life before God as best you can, seek forgiveness when you fall, strive for the path of virtue, and as we say in the ‘Our Father’ forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against as.

It could seem like a gift that turns into a tribulation (if his motives are not pure) or it could be a legitimate gift, if you keep your eyes on Christ, then Christ will never fail you and you may bear whatever comes your way good or bad, unlike humanity which is frail and prone to weakness and faults.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

If he is that perceptive, he can see a lot of good in you as well. :slight_smile:

Perhaps he simply enjoys your company!~ We see in Romans 12:6 we are all gifted in some manner to glorify God.

“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them:”

Perhaps the gift of your friend is a keen sense of people or perhaps he knows you well.
It’s certainly an interesting thought.

God Bless,


I hope this isn’t the one you told us about last week!

Is your friend doing this in a way that would draw you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ?

That is true


  1. (Being as you are concerned you are doubtably full evil)
    He sees the good.

  2. He just isnt bothered by it… not everyone let’s pointless “drama” affect them… I always laugh when people say they cant stand someone or something (notably fb) because of drama… drama does not exist unless you let it and get involved…

  3. Are you old friends? I have a couple old friends that are habitual liars… but they are trapped in my circle because I love them. And they have not been put in a positiion to affect me negatively. They do lie about some stuff, but none of it is relevant or in any way harmful to me. I know what I can and can’t do with them etc… no biggie, their poor behavior is essentially irrelevant to my existence.

  4. A mix of the irrelevant with the fun… I mean if an insane person can’t harm me they are a freaking riot to watch in action lol…

  5. If he is a guy and you a girl maybe you are hot enough to pull off the crazy… or he has a white knigjt syndrom. Could have white knight as just a friend or as more. Sadly for him if it is the latter he may get screwed :(.

  6. Maybe it takes one to know one, maybe he is crazy too? Maybe birds of a feather?

Most importantly…


my deceptiveness, evasions, omissions


DAHECK??? :frowning:

I am a woman and he is a man.

Does your friend inspire you to change? If we ask the Lord to change us and focus on Him, He can do it.

Only act that way when people ask me personal questions I would rather NOT ANSWER. I do not like people seeing my naughty side or vulnerable side.

I do not like people seeing and knowing my sexual tendencies. Men can exploit that. I feel like he sees a certain side of me I struggle with and I want to keep hidden.

Yeah well, some of us are good at that.

Sometimes it can be used positively to gains for both

Sometimes used to “exploit”

Used as a “she is no good run” warning…

Or just entertainment…when I know a hypocrite or a person with a false front

Like a girl I knew was cheating on her BF later was acting like a super innocent victim when she found out he was cheating… and she pretended like she didn’t.

This had no affect on me except pure comedy to listend to the warp minded lies people peddle themselves…

I also sense maybe you are torn because you “dont like it” and you “do” as well… as in you dig him :wink:

Yes. Yes. Chastity is virtue. Is it really good if a man you are attracted to knows it is difficult for you to remain chaste or that you really do not want to but you choose to because of your religion? It is not good if someone sees and knows your weaknesses. Especially there is already sexual tension between you two.

You are human, we know all this before meeting you.

I know girls who have never had a problem being insanely chaste. All it takes is someone they actually like and the struggle becomes real.

You = human = you really wanna do stuff physically wuth opposite gender

This isn’t false tv narratives, where women hate sex.

Anyone who is aware of real life knows you want to have sex.

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