You Tube is getting to be very ugly

I always liked to go to YouTube to get information on how to fix things, how things work, and technical information but it seems to me that it is becoming more and more of a place where strange people post things. One example is that I started watching videos on ‘after death experiences’ an at first really enjoyed how people would explain how beautiful Heaven is and how repulsive hell is. I have seen some that have good actors but seem to go against what I was taught as a Catholic. Some say that they have seen a certain celebrity(s) in hell and St. John Paul ll in hell and certain people in heaven. I have concluded that probably 95% of these stories are fake. There are hundreds of these ‘stories’ that are interesting to listen to but many of them make me think that the person is just trying to make him or her holy by lying out there teeth. They all seem to really believe what they are saying is true. I am going to just be careful because the devil is smart. There is one Catholic priest who claimed to have been before Jesus in judgement after he died. It seems like he was telling the truth. But the others…Hmmmm?

Be very very careful when it comes to internet garbage.

I enjoy YouTube a lot as well. However I usually just subscribe to specific channels. And there are definitely weird stuff (THAT weird side of YouTube). However there are several Catholic and Orthodox dedicated channels that have some great content as well.

I think watching “after death experiences” is just asking for crazy.

Stick to topics that are not going to put garbage in your life.
There’s a lot of good on YouTube, but like anything else, you have to self-monitor.

As others have posted stick to reputable sources.

Father barron, Catholic answers, EWTN and you will not have problems. Stay close to those you know you can trust and don’t worry about the other junk.

It appears you have deduced a good solution (being very cautious and taking those videos with a grain of salt so to speak). I recommend not to dabble in those things if you are not in a state of grace in order for the Holy Spirit to guide your thinking. You always want to have the Holy Spirit with you to make you see the truth and those videos can cloud things if you are not careful. Just some advice you probably already know: know the Catholic faith well and stay in a state of grace and it will help with the discernment. I believe you are talking about Father Steven Scheier. His case was interesting because to my knowledge he hasn’t said anything contrary to faith or morals which is good.

You really have to be careful with the internet in general, not just You Tube. A good friend of my family gave some good advice on gathering information using it- saying make sure you find more than one source with the same information… even multiples if need be for verification.

I’ve seen websites that in my opinion was false information to try and deliberately get people into trouble, hurt… etc. False information. So be careful.

Real society is better. Sadly, we all seem to be glued to our computers for everything like this comic suggests…

One thing I loathe about YouTube is how much pornography they not only allow but seemingly refuse to delete upon being reported. It seems like every time I use YT there is some video recommendation I receive that contains porn. While it may not contain acts using exposed genitalia they are still deliberately intend to arouse and stimulate the viewer in a way that easily constitutes a near occasion of sin.

I recall a conversation I had with the folks from the video hosting site Daily Motion a few years ago in which I expressed similar concerns and they told me to either not watch or use the parental filter. Unfortunately it seems they encourage responsibility for everyone other than themselves.

Thanks you all so,so much for the kind and understanding replies. I’ve realized that we all have to ‘weed out’ the bad from the good with everything in this life apparently. I’m not complaining because that is just the way it is in this troubled world. But I know there is a lot of good people and things if a person takes their time to search them out. I just pray that God grants me the wisdom to see the good things in this life and rebuke the doings of the devil. I have one goal and that is to make it into heaven and also help others to live today for that goal to live all eternity in heaven.
Thanks again,

We have to pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment. There is so much misinformation out there we are in danger of being led astray.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of time-wasting on the internet in general, and on YouTube in particular, could be an example of the vice of curiosity.

(… I’m certainly guilty of this myself.)

Be wary.
watch this:

YT like many other sites seem to be more concerned about copyrights and copyright violations. I wouldn’t use them as a moral compass.

Very good sound advice. :thumbsup:

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