You Tube -James Likoudis conversion from EO to RC

If anyone is interested in hearing James Likoudis’ story about conversion on you tube

there are 6 parts

first part-

Truly, may God bless you my friend, for posting this!
I will pray for you!

Seeing as James Likoudis was a close personal friend of my father’s when my father was alive, I always smile when I see his name come up like this on CAF. Brings back good memories. I can tell you from personal experience that having met Likoudis was an honor and a privilege, that his love for the Catholic Church is passionate and enthusiastic, and that he’s an overall likeable guy in real life.


I’ll listen to this tonight and give you my thoughts tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have read Mr. Likoudis’s book “Ending the Byzantine Schism”. I found it polemical and simplistic. It seemed to me that Mr. Likoudis was not interested in giving a fair account of the Orthodox side of controversies; instead he presented caricatures. Books such as his seem to be to be more likely to prolong the Schims, rather than end it.

I find Fr. Aidan Nichols’s books to be much more fair and informative.

I must admit that I have a different view of Mr Likoudis’ work, though I have not read that particular book. I have read many of his articles online, as well as “The Divine Primacy of the Bishop of Rome and Modern Eastern Orthodoxy.”

When I was just beginning my reevaluation of Catholic claims, I actually had trouble finding authors who were willing to discuss Eastern Orthodox objections head-on. I found Mr Likoudis’ style to be refreshingly forthright. He certainly makes his case in a forceful manner, but that’s not always a bad thing. His writings (along with others) forced me to really reconsider my thoughts on issues such as Papal primacy. I know that some find him insufficiently in tune with modern ecumenism, but then, I was once a firm anti-ecumenist. :wink:

Are you able to give any links to any of his writings online?

I found that my work blocks YouTube so I’ve only been able to listen to it in pieces at home, but I’ll try to finish it by this weekend.

Schism Hater,

I agree with you about Mr. Likoudis’ work.

I think the best presentation from the Orthodox POV is the book His Broken Body by Fr. Laurent Cleenewerck. He does a reply to a critique of his book by Mr. Likoudis here (in an audio file):

I only wish that Mr. Likoudis’ review of Fr. Cleenewerck’s book was available to compare.

His Broken Body is an awesome work.

Maybe you’ve already seen this, but his web page is here: James Likoudis’ Page. He has a section specifically on “Ecumenism and Eastern Orthodox Issues.”

It would be nice if more of his writings were available in electronic form. It’s a bit tough to track down some of his books and reviews other than by ordering from the author. For example, I was able to read the above-mentioned book by Fr. Cleenewerck on Kindle, but the only way to get the response by Mr Likoudis seems to be to order it via mail.

Thanks for posting this. I wrote once an e-mail to Mr. Likoudis (e-mail address given on the credo.stormloader homepage), trying to order his books, but never received an answer. I guess Mr. Likoudis doesn’t really use that e-mail. As I was too lazy to write him a snail mail, I never got to really order his books. So, I’m very happy now to listen to this interview.

One thing that struck me so far is this point: the EO, like we Catholics, believe in a visible Church organization (and unlike the Protestants who believe in the invisible Church). However, strangely, EO believe in a visible Church without a visible head. We Catholics, of course, believe in a visible Church whose visible head is the Pope.

The visible head is the Metropolitan (or Patriarch) of the synod.

The head of all Christianity is Christ Our Lord and God.

Schism Hater,

Have you read this article by Fr. Cleenewerck?

Interesting reply to Fr. Brian Harrison.

what about Peter and his sucessors…? who are they in the church…?



any special role?

like Peter had?

Binding and loosing, and headship of the presbyters, deacons and laity within his Church, just as Peter had the power to bind and loose and was the head of the apostles.

Are you talking about all Bishops or the Bishop of Rome…?

My question was regarding the immediate sucessors of Peter…the Popes…

I had not, thank you. I think Fr. Cleenwerck did a good job. The blog is interesting as well.

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