You Tube Video: Catholics vs Chick Tract: Last Rites


I’ve been taping classes of my adult catholic education teacher, Vic Scaravilli. A couple weeks ago, he debunked a Chick Tract, which I caught on tape.

I’ve put together a website of free Catholic videos, linked in my signature. All Vic’s videos are on that site.

Here’s the direct link to Vic’s video debunking the Chick Tract, “Last Rites”:
Catholics vs Chick Track: “Last Rites” by Vic Scaravilli

I’ve uploaded many of Vic’s videos onto my You Tube Channel Golden Arrow’s You Tube Channel

Here’s a direct link to the You Tube video, Catholics VS. Chick Tract: Last Rites

He’s also doing a video apologetics class, Shopping for Jesus

Anyway, I’d like some feedback, perhaps some discussion of Jack Chick’s little piece of anti-Catholic rubbish, etc …

I think Vic did a FABULOUS job of debunking Jack Chick! He also is stirring up a little bit of controversy at You Tube over it!

Your opinion matters! Let me know what you think!

God Bless!


Thanks, that was good! :thumbsup:



It rocks GA! May St. Francis De Sales intercede without ceasing for your efforts! I know I will.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.[/size]


Loved it.

Now I’ll have to watch all the rest of the videos you have put together. That’s terrible, I have no time to work anymore, I knew i should have given up CAF for Lent.:ehh:


If all Catholics did what this apologist is doing there would be no Jack Chick. I’ve read all of Jack Chick’s tracts. He is killing souls with this trash. thank you, Vic… God Bless:thumbsup:


It is for this reason I have educated myself in order to “make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in [me].” (1 Peter 3:15-16)


Most important is to educate Catholics. I know for myself, I was so in tuned to focusing on evangelizing non-Catholics that I didn’t see the problem within our own Catholic community. I teach pre-baptism classes for parents and godparents of those who will be baptized. This is a captive audience as these classes are required. These people who identify themselves as Catholics are so uncatechized it’s a crying shame. Some don’t know the nature of Jesus. Most adults in these classes cannot identify what you call a serious sin. Many think that Jesus was born with original sin and that’s why He was baptized. I could go on and on. Those of us who take the time to educate ourselves need to pass this information on to our own. We need to find the religious education programs in our Church and volunteer as teachers. These adults leave my classes wanting to learn more but say that there is no where to go. RCIA is specific as are many programs. We NEED to put great emphasis on adult religious education. We teach the children who go home to parents with no basic knowledge of the faith. This is a clear example of the cart before the horse… God Bless :slight_smile:


I agree.

Initially, I started educating myself to be able to give an answer to non-Catholics who challenged me. Then I realised that many Catholics were being led out of the Church because they didn’t understand what the Church teaches, or why it eaches what it does.

I found that too many Catholics are persuaded that Catholic Teaching is un-biblical. My brother left the Church after some “born-again” ex-Catholic Christians went to work on him. He is constantly surprised when he starts to quote Scripture to the rest of us and we finish the quote for him. It’s like, “How did you know that?”

So that is where I feel called, the evangelisation of Catholics. We don’t have RCIA where I attend Church, the priest prefers to catechise one-on-one, and after hearing some stories I don’t blame him. A friend’s mother was told we don’t believe in the angels anymore (LOL - I listened to Fr Corapi on that subject last night).


Thank you so much for your support. This was a lot of work. I’m literally swamped with DVDs! AHHH!!!

What I’ve done is not that difficult. Anyone can do Video Blogging or “Vlogging.”

This is what I have as far as software and hardware:

  1. I have a 2GB SDRAM Intel Duo Core Processor with 250 GB hard drive. (I bought a 500GB external hard drive to store old video files I no longer need to use). Most video editing software requires you have a dual core processor. It also helps to have a computer with Hyperthreading technology.
  1. You need a DVD +/- RW Drive (to burn and rip).

  2. A DVD Camcorder or other video device. Now, I made the mistake of buying a camcorder that does not have a USB port, so I have to take the mini-DVD’s and “rip” them, meaning I have to decode the DVD and import it into my computer.

  3. Now, most new computers come with Microsoft Vista. I’ve tried most of the free download trials. Most won’t work with Vista yet. This has been the most frustrating part.

The easiest way is to do Video Blogging is simply get a webcam that will transfer files directly into your computer. You can edit it with Microsoft Moviemaker, which is built into Windows. Then you just upload to You Tube.

I always have to do things the hard way. LOL!

Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced Reloaded version works with Vista — well, mostly — the menu doesn’t work with Vista Aero, so if you like Aero, you have to pin individual shortcuts on your desktop or quickstart menu. Not a big deal. I’ve found Nero Vision, the video editing program, crashed a lot with only 1 GB Ram, so I added another stick of Ram and it runs smoothly. I’d recommend Nero. Easy to use.

I’ve found that the ripped video quality with AOA DVD Ripper is superior to the ripped video quality of Nero Recode.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 6 is also compatible with Vista, but it is quite complicated, and you can’t boost the audio volume with it, like you can with Nero Vision.

Point is: what I’ve done is really not that difficult once you learn the software. If anyone wishes to do this, too, just let me know an I can give you specific tips.


Now I’ll have to watch all the rest of the videos you have put together. That’s terrible, I have no time to work anymore, I knew i should have given up CAF for Lent.


I did put some together of me filming myself. The “Catholics Believe” series is all me!

I didn’t link it because … well … I still have trouble watching and listening to myself on video. I don’t like taping myself. I have gotten a lot of views though, considering that I’m rather dull! LOL!!!

I like taping Vic Scaravilli because he’s a much more interesting and smarter specimen for my camcorder! :thumbsup:

I did a video reciting the Nicene Creed, and two on the Papacy:
by Mary Ann ButtonThe Catholic Believe Series

Do you like??? (I’m so insecure!)


f all Catholics did what this apologist is doing there would be no Jack Chick. I’ve read all of Jack Chick’s tracts. He is killing souls with this trash. thank you, Vic… God Bless

Thank You!

I’ll pass this thread onto Vic.




Oh man!

You guys should go to Google, hit the “videos” tab and then type in “Catholic.” (That is, search for Google videos with the word Catholic in the title or in the tags). You’ll get an idea what we’re up against. I lost count of all the anti-Catholic videos. Holy Smokes!

I’ll get you started. Here’s page one of that search. I don’t know how long it goes:

You seriously won’t believe it. It’ll boggle your mind.

This is my reason for taking on apologetics in the form of video media.

There are a handful of people doing what I’m doing. What we need is an ARMY of people like me.


SSPX has a lot of videos posted that are, well, not very nice.

Guy and gals — if we say nothing, the world will learn Catholicism from those who oppose us. We need video apologists. If any of you have a camcorder and a computer, I’d love to hear from you!

God Bless!


finally had time to watch. I can hardly wait for more:thumbsup:


What he’s doing is turning people off from ANY denomination of Christianity.

My father used to be an atheist, and he was bombarded with those Chick tracts all the time. All he thought of Christianity when he saw those was “What a bunch of intolerant bigots.”

I read them now and then for a good laugh, but I know that he’s just turning people away, and it saddens me. :frowning:

PS- Simpsons Protestant vs Catholic Heaven is HILARIOUS :smiley:


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