You Tube video - Hell painted by Korean artist

Today I got this from my friend by mail. I do not like to discus the pictures themselves, but what struck me that there is never mentioned the name of the artist neither the place where the picters were on display, as we can see from some picture in the presentation.

It simply says that we should believe it that it will be so in hell as portrayed in the pictures. The message itself is right - “repent and believe to God”.

However, I am concerned that the message of Peace, the message of Love of God never starts from the view of punishment.

What I miss in this You tube presentation are also pictures from Heaven, otherwise the message is not completed, and it may be misleading. Very misleading. The starting point is always Love of God.

What do you think?

I honestly don’t think that Jesus Christ (as stated) would take this person to hell.

Saint Faustina was led there by an angel.
Four of the six Medjugorje visionaries where taken there by Our Lady.
The Fatima visionaries saw a vision of hell this way:

Lucia later revealed that as she spoke these words, Mary opened her hands and rays of light from them seemed to penetrate the earth so that they saw a terrifying vision of hell, full of demons and lost souls amidst indescribable horrors.

It depends…

Some people are led to the Lord by Love

Some people are led to the Lord by fearing Him, but eventually learn to love Him

There are many paths and avenues, God can reach out to all men in many different ways in order to lead them to the truth.

I can tell you that I personally, from reading about saints and mystics experiences of hell and purgatory, made me seriously re-evaluate my life and make a real effort not to sin.

So there is nothing wrong with using the method of fear of hell to call attention to the fact that hell is real and people should very much reflect on it and learn about God and change their lives.

Fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom.

Sometimes in order to get people to accept reality, often means showing them the terrible side of reality.

This is not something that can be sweapt under the rug and ignored for simple feel-good lovey-dovey approaches. Christ Himself went to lengths to warn mankind about it, and have even taken the trouble to show it to the saints and mystics in order for them to warn us about it.

People can die at any time, and many are finding themselves in hell. Is it not our duty to warn them about it so that we may save them?

Hi chrpenka!
I just saw your post and think you might like to see this. It is the answers to your questions about the artist, paintings and much more. I would like you to watch the videos based on the order I am sending them, you would see it makes a lot of sense.

Hwa Bi Jung is the name of the Korean artist and this is her website where you can see the full videos (I still included the links of the full videos of her visits to Hell and Heaven) because I noticed what you saw was a chip of the iceberg.

Paintings of visit to hell

Paintings of visit to Heaven

I believe the reality of hell is shown to us so that we can work harder to get into heaven, thats my personal opinion :). You would notice in the artists visit to Heaven, Jesus showed her a pink house which He said belongs to a woman who did a lot of good (We believe He was talking about the Blessed Virgin Mary Herslf even though He didn’t mention names:). Who else can compete with the Blessed Mother regarding how much She loves Jesus?
For us Catholics, any catholic who gets to visit heaven will likely see the Blessed Virgin and some of the Saints but a non-catholic will have limited details based on the level of their understanding. Hwa Bi Jung mentioned she saw very many people jumping into hell, she even held on tightly to Jesus because she was terrified as seen in the paintings.
That reminded me of a teenage catholic visionary from Nigeria, Christiana Agbo’s vision of Our Lady taking her to visit hell. She talked about the same thing of very many people jumping into hell and scared of hell also, she held on tightly to Our Lady. This visionary lives in Benue State of Nigeria and the events took place in early 1990s to 1996.

You will love this comparison by a little girl’s (she is now grown up and her name is Akiane) vision of Jesus with the Holy Shroud of Turin. She painted the picture of Jesus based on how he appeared to her, she also painted some scenes about Heaven too (last link). Her parents were formerly atheists (her dad was a catholic turned atheist), now they are christians because of Akiane’s visions. The Holy Shroud of Turin has to do with us catholics. Non-catholics are being shown confirmations of what we catholics already knew and believed. Its good to remain a catholic for life and be grateful too because God gave us a rare privilege.

For details about how it all started, watch here:

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