YouCat experience

Would like to grow in faith.

Looking for any experience with the YouCat. Or should I jump into the real deal?

Also have rounded the corner on the next bible I purchase. I am down to RSV-SCE, or Douay-Rheims Challoner.

----One thing is on my mind, Which one has better notes? Which one would I learn more from?

How old are you?

I’ve seen this caution about the YouCat at a Catholic bookstore that gives the current controversial issues in question.

31, wife is 27, I was under the impression the Catholic Church still defines youth as under 34.

I don’t really recommend the YouCat, although I can’t say anything negative about it. Well, I can. I think the pictures make it so that it will be dated in 10 years. It is an attempt to make the catechism cool and trying to be cool usually doesn’t work. Again, I may be wrong, for I have no experience using it with the age group is is geared towards.
It seems geared towards teenagers and college age (I had bought it hoping to use it for my CCD class but it is a little too grown-up for my students). As a teenager, I studied the CCC and it seems much better suited. As an adult, I still reccommend the CCC. I’m not sure whose guidelines say youth is 34 and under (what happens at 35?).

At your age I would recommend the Catechism, the regular one. If you go through it, it will also serve as a good reference later on.

I would recommend the YouCat for those that are high school or college age. After you are out of school, age 25 or so, you are too old for the YouCat.

This is good advice. I would recommend starting with this first, though.
I found this to be easy to read, and it gives references to the actual catechism.

I found that after reading the US Catechism for Adults and cross-refrencing to the actual CCC, I had a better general understanding of Church teaching and I became more comfortable with the language & set-up of the latter.
Then was able to read & comprehend the CCC much better.

I think that’s the top limit for those considered ‘youth’ for “World Youth Day”. At least that’s the age limit set by our diocese.

As for YouCat, I think if you’ve never read the CCC, starting with YouCat is not a bad thing. It’s in question and answer form (527 Q&As, to be exact), in 4 sections (What we believe; How we celebrate the Christian mysteries; How we are to have life in Christ; How we should pray) and each answer refers you to the specific articles from the CCC. It’s basic but you can dig deeper if you wish. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is online on the Vatican website.

The YouCat is really written at about a high school level. I would use it for Junior High and High School, and possibly college.

I would recommend the US Adult Catechism by the USCCB for those “young adults” who are beyond college but new to Catholicism or not well catechized.

The full Catechism is certainly readable, but remember it was primarily for Bishops, so it is heavily footnoted and assumes a base line of knowledge on the topics.

This one would be my vote as a good starting point as well. It is more detailed than the YouCat, but not quite as in depth as the CCC. It also has the added bonus of some good profiles of Saints at the beginning of sections and discussion questions at the end.

Pretty good got my answer on the first question. I will be looking for the US Catechism for Adults.

Thanks for all who replied.

On to the second question, which bible?

Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition or Douay Rheims Challoner TAN as Pub.

Please choose one of the aforementioned two. I would rather have one that I could learn more from. So basically which has more helpful notes?

The Bible question is a tough one. The RSVCE2 is going to be easier to use as a cross-reference to the Catechism or the liturgy. But the DR is so beautiful. I prefer the notes in the Haydock edtion of the DR.

I am a teen and I LOVE YouCat! My dad was like born in the stone age and he loves it too. And so does my catechist. I don’t think you can be too old for YouCat.

To learn from, I would go with the RSV.

So I have a vote for RSV

RSV-CE and Douay Rheims are very different. One is modern language and the other has all the thee’s and thou’s in it. Have you considered the NAB? This is the official translation for the United States lectionary (readings at Mass).

I love the Douay Rheims… It is the version that my Missal uses (as with many newly republished Missals: Lassance, 1962 Missal, and Baronius Press).

Yeah I have three copies given to me by my parish. Don’t like it. I do not mind archaic language, this will be my study bible, so I will be cross referencing with the NAB, or another bible. I just need something that I will learn more from.

Dr: 1 - rsv2ce: 1

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