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I am sure I am not the first to bring this up, but as an avid reader I want to vent about it a bit. I used to love reading young adult books, but as I grow in faith it becomes clear to me how many of these books are heavily into dark, occult, and paranormal subjects. It’s so frustrating! I love fast fun reads but now entire bookshelves are no longer of interest to me.

I also happily have been noticing some good dystopian teen books with true love stories, that tend to be accurate and insightful and not too sexual or anything.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had to give up books they used to like. And what have you done to fill the void? Any great Catholic fiction recommendations?

I suppose it depends on what kind of fiction you like. There are a number of Catholic publishers that produce fiction of the kind you might be looking for. You could try the Catholic Online Bookstore, or publishers like Ignatius Press or Arx Publishers. (I mention the last because I recently published a historical novel with them).

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Sophia Institute Press is an excellent source for Catholic fiction. Not sure if “teen” is the same as “young adult”, but they have a series–the John Paul II High series–that deals with a group of teenagers in a tiny Catholic high school. It’s very well-written and there is a website for it The third book in the series is about to be released.

Hope this helps!

I know!!! :banghead: I heartily agree, it is hard to find good books let alone catholic ones!!!

It can be difficult, but you need to know where to look;).
I dont know your age or what kind of genre of book you like or dislike, or if you are a historical fiction fan like me :smiley: but here are some of my favorite books or links to some good sites.

Historical Fiction (catholic stories or church history)

The Ides Of April
By Mary Ray
and its sequel
Beyond The Desert Gate

Between the Forest and the Hills
By Ann Lawrence

Victory On The Walls
A Story Of Nehemiah
By Frieda Clark Hyman

Historical Fiction (Catholic Apologetics)

I LOVE these they really show strong catholic virtues

Red Falcons Of Tremoine
By Hendry Peart

Outlaws of Ravenhurst
by Sister M. Imelda

Historical Fiction (Fun Reading)

Year Of The Black Pony
by Walt Morey

The Texas Panhandle series
By Loula Grace Erdman
Its a bit of a romantic series but there are no problems in it.

The Borrowed House
By Hilda Van Stockum
its a WW II story

anything by Hilda Van Stockum

The Letzenstein Chronicles
I haven’t read them but I heard they are great
By Meriol Trevor

Catholic Apologetics

A Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court
By Martin Kennedy

see…Historical fiction (Catholic apologetics)


Lord of the Rings
By J.R.R.Tolkien
It really is a catholic book!

The Chronicles of Narnia
By C.S.Lewis

Modern Stories

Regina Doman’s books are great she has a whole series, they are fairy tales retold with modern day twist.

Here are some others I haven’t read yet

links were i get most of my books…

Try getting these from your library, if you like any of these let me know I can get you some more titles.

God bless!!!

You might also try:

Angels in Iron,

Crown of the World,

the two Belisarius books (third of the trilogy on the way) here,

and my own effort, Centurion’s Daughter, which so far has one review :thumbsup:

Thanks for the recs! Much more hopeful now, as a huge reader :slight_smile:

I recommend Past Suspicion, a suspense novel by Therese Heckenkamp.

You can also check out in the young adult/ teen genre. It’s being updated weekly.

Hope this helps!

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