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I’m trying to find young adult groups in the Kingdom of His Most Glorious Excellency Richard Daley but I’m not sure what to do. Here’s the selection so far:

  1. Local collegiate young adult group: many young people my age (+) but very happy-clappy spirituality (-) which isn’t really my type of thing;

  2. Local young adult group at a local parish: traditional, no happy-clappy stuff (+) although many of the members are clearly out of college (-) but the overall structure of things is more my style. Just wish more youngsters like me went;

There is also a third group at the Cathedral that I haven’t checked out yet and probably won’t be able to this weekend because family is visiting. But I’m trying to decide between the two above. I had a conversation early this morning at like 1 am with a friend and he suggested that I try both but also strongly recommended the first group…I was put-off by the fact that we was very strong in his suggestion and I felt bad afterwards for not considering attending that group…I felt pressured but I am sure that wasn’t his intention (he obviously feels strongly about them and greatly likes the group).

I want to attend that group because of all the young people (and young ladies, too) but I am really put off by that kind of spirituality (big time)…I tend towards more traditional forms of spirituality. It also doesn’t help that I have lots of self-doubt and now feel guilty for not considering the first group :shrug:

What is everyone’s thoughts?


I think you may be surprised if you attended a group like #1.

Not because of the happy-clappy spirituality, but because you’ll find folks that are drawn to the faith.
Sometimes the happy-clappy element is a strong initial draw for some people, but many “grow out” of that… some fall away from faith… and other strive for deeper traditional interests. Others there may not even be AWARE that there is a richer more-traditional aspect… maybe YOU can be the one to lead some into that interest.

What I’m saying is… maybe there are people similar to you… :shrug:

I’m just speaking from personal experience… I spent many years going to LifeTeen… very happy-clappy and a fabulous way to find people with similar interests… but my *passion *has always been for the richer more spiritual traditions of the faith. :slight_smile:


There are tons of young Catholics in Chicago, I graduated from Notre Dame and more of my friends ended up there than any other city. :) And none of them are happy-clappy, lol.


Yeah, but I’m still unsure about the first group. Right now it feels as though I would attend because I was guilted into going rather than wanting to go on my own.


Visit all of them. Find one where you feel a connection with the other young adults you meet. Keep going to that one. Problem solved...


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