Young boys crossdressing


I’ve recently read a number of articles and pictures by liberals on how wonderful it is that their children (usually boys) are expressing their personality and how horrible it is that they can’t take their children out in public. Does the Church have a view on whether or not this is right? Does anyone know how this fits in with catholic morality?


I don’t have the Cathecism in hand right now, but I do recall reading about it being sinful.
So no the church doesn’t approve of it.

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My understanding - though I don’t think there’s an “official” rule - is that crossdressing isn’t necessarily a sin if not done for immoral purposes. So, for example, if I wanted to cosplay as a male character, I don’t think that’s a sin. I think the same of, say, a boy who wanted to go as Dora the Explorer for halloween. I think it’s pretty natural and not necessarily harmful for children to play around with opposite-sex clothing. It’s not like a boy is going to suddenly start thinking he’s a girl, or get into a life-long habit of wearing skirts. After all, I wouldn’t put on polka-dots and plaid either now and I’ve heard I wanted to wear that as a toddler!


Getting worried about it as a patent and making it a big deal is likely to be fast more damaging than letting a child be a child


I would have to agree on that not being wrong. However in the examples I saw it seemed to be implied that the child in question wore this daily as regular clothing or that their parents wished they ccould. My bad for not explaining that fully.


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