Young diabetic woman's miraculous recovery

Thank you all!

Some days ago I asked you to pray for a young diabetic woman who was on the verge of having her severely infected foot amputated.

Well, I am happy to inform you that the infection is all gone, the doctors did not amputate her foot (only two toes) and she is now recovering at her home.
She and her family are very thankful to all of you who prayed for her,

God bless,


Thank GOD for small miracles.JERRY

Praise the Lord.


Continued prayers promised

Praise you LORD Jesus

***Praise God! :slight_smile: ***

Lord Father thank You for giving everyone the gift of prayer, for there is so much love and charity in that act. He is the same Healer today as He was whe He walked among men and healed so many.

“Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls”
“My Jesus pardon and mercy, by the merits of Thy Holy Wounds”

Praise God!

Praise To You O Lord Jesus.
Grandma Glor

Thank you Lord, for your great gifts!

Thanks for update, and God Bless all…

Thank You Jesus for saving her foot. Please help her to avoid any further potential disaster due to her illness!

Praise God!

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