Young, Divorced, Annulled?


What county did you apply for the marriage license in? That would be the county it was recorded in. We had applied for the marriage license in San Diego county, but were married in Monterey county. The marriage certificate was recorded in San Diego county.


We applied for and were married in Alameda county. I can’t believe this. The only proof I have is the marrriage certificate we got after the ceremony.


In the Texas county where I was married, that was the only record anybody got. Your case maybe??

When I petitioned, I could not submit my ex’s baptism record because the church had burned down. Life is messy and sometimes you just need an exception.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:


I’m 33. Divorced & Annulled.

Married at age 24, separated around 30. The divorce finalized when I was 31 and the annulment came through 7 months later.

Our issue was that one of us “grew up” and the other one didn’t. This is one reason why marriage is recommended for people in their later 20s, because you’ve had a chance to really figure out who you are - what you will/won’t accept, etc.

I tried everything prior to filing for my divorce - any option to save my marriage, I explored it. Ultimately I talked with a priest at our Tribunal and he said - “You can’t have a marriage by yourself.” Shortly thereafter is when I filed for my divorce, after exhausting every option. The funny part is, HE left, HE asked for the divorce but I had to file because he wouldn’t do it.

A lot of folks find the annulment process to be ‘hard’ because you have to rehash all of the misery of your failed marriage. But, it is a final sounding board. Most people don’t get a divorce unless they’re fairly confident they would qualify for an annulment (things weren’t sacramental). When you speak with the priest(s) / deacon at the Tribunal, you will have your final say on all that happened. It’s very cathartic.

Hang in there. God bless.


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