Young Earth Creationism Amongst Protestants.

I’m sorry if I offend anyone but,

I have to admit that this Young Earth Creationist stuff is so embarassing it makes me want to be Roman Catholic. :mad:

God is truth. God can not lie. God is truth. God can not create a deception. By geometric calculations we know that we can see stars billions of light years away. If they only appeared billions of light years away then God would have created a deception. God is truth. God can not lie. God is truth. God can not create a deception. If the creation was only 6000 years old we would only see stars that were 6000 light years away or nearer. If they only appeared billions of light years away then God would have created a deception. God is truth. God can not lie. God is truth. God can not create a deception.

If the geometric calculations are wrong then 1+1 may = 15.

The geological column indicates that The Earth has been here for billions of years too.

Young Earth Creationsts make us all look like idiots! :mad:

They think that when they’re mocked they are being persecuted for Christ and his word when in fact they are being mocked for sounding so stupid!

Well, it that is what it takes…:wink:

Just ignore some of the posters on this forum who will tell you that a Catholic must be a YEC.



I’m more likely to correct them.

Good! Welcome to the right side (at least on this issue)!:smiley:



Now now. YECs are not entirely to blame here.

I am not offended at all. I agree.:thumbsup:

But did light actually take that long to reach us? You have to assume that the stars always traveled as fast as they do and that light always travels as fast as it does. Yes?

Everyone looks silly to someone. Atheists spend millions writing books making documentaries etc. explaining why they do not believe in -]Santa Claus /-]God.

Interesting, but this isn’t about athiests. Anglicans are Christians (all be it not as good as us Catholics are!:D).



Can’t I fight with the atheist poster too, in the interests of equality, please…please…:crying:

It takes light from the sun 8 seconds to get here therefore the sun is 8 light seconds away.

Some of the nearest stars are trillions of miles away by geometric calculations therefore the distance is measured in light years but even then some of the furtherst objects are billions of light years away. 1 million light years means that light travelling constantly at the speed of light as it is now would take 1 million years to get here. If the speed of light had been faster, the Atoms could not have formed to start the universe. By this we can theorise that the big bang was a controlled explosion. F=MA because God made it so.

It’s probably fringe denominations and groups that are more susceptable to it. Groups that haven’t looked at Church History and worked out Galileo was right.

Actually the Big Bang was not a controlled explosion. In fact it’s a bit of a misnomer. Big Expansion is a more accurate description. It’s kind of funny in a way. The term Big Bang was coined by an opponent of the theory and was meant to ridicule it.

As far as the light thing goes, there is no reason why God could not have created the light in transit. Some folks might label this a deception but others would describe it as more of a test. Furthermore, there is an equal chance that Satan is responsible for the light.

There are several potential problems with your post. And I emphasize potential. I’m not a firm believer that the earth has to be 6000 years old or billions of years old. I don’t think we will ever know because we can’t understand the power of creation that GOD possesses nor can we ever try to explain it.

If you study gravity and it’s effects on time we know that time travels faster with less gravity. So in the outermost parts of the universe where gravity is virtually non-existent GOD would have created let’s say all these stars you are referencing. To the stars themselves the passage of time would be billions of years. But as you draw closer to the earth where time slows down dramatically it’s no longer billions of years to someone on the face of the earth. It may only be thousands.

Also consider the amount of C14 in the earth’s atmosphere. C14 decays over time but it is also replenished because it’s re-produced. Right now there is more C14 in the atmosphere than say 100 years ago meaning that the earth is still producing C14 faster than it is decaying. The point at which production and decay are equal is called equilibrium just as you might expect. Think of filling a glass with constantly running water that has holes in the side. The water coming out of the holes represents decay of C14 and the water coming out of the faucet represents production of C14. Sooner or later the glass will fill to a point where it will remain constant. It can no longer fill because it is leaking out of the side even though the faucet is constantly running. This is equilibrium. It’s believed that the earth would take about 30,000 years to reach this point if it was brand new. If the earth was so old as some claim then it would be expected we would be at equilibrium or have been so for some time.

Again I’m not a scientist on these matters except in the field of computers and health care research and am certainly open to all points of view. But to make a blanket statement you want to be Roman Catholic because of YECs is kind of ridiculous. There are plenty of Roman Catholics that are YEC. It seems you are valuing science over your Faith. If the Roman Catholic Church is where you are fulfilled spiritually then GOD Bless. But don’t become a Roman Catholic because of their position on science. That would be like becoming an Atheist because they offer an explanation on something that is less embarrassing than the Catholic church.


Sure you can but let’s keep it on topic. Maybe you can find a few YEC atheists?

Yes, you have to assume that the highly evidenced laws of physics are true.

The stars themselves are larger than the Earth, ergo gravity acts with more force than the Earth. So the moment they would have been created, by your argument, their gravity would have ‘slowed down’ time more than Earth would have and less time would have passed on them.

The 30,000 year statistic could only be valid if the Earth was in the same state. It is almost impossible for C14 produce and decay to be in equilibrium, as the amount carbon emitters [beings such as animals, and volcanoes etc] and carbon ‘processors’ [such as trees] are not in equilibrium, and have been never so over the course of natural history.

Perhaps you assume that everything was as you expect it ought to be. But perhaps you’ll discover a new field of science with new physics.:eek:


I know that as an Athiest you are trying to mock YEC’s but I can’t resist replying seriously to your post because some people zactually come out with such nonsense…

But the universe still exploded into being at exactly the right speed.

Except he said “Let light be” and it was.

A test of what exactly? God wasn’t sure if it would work?

Theologically heretical. Satan is the destroyer and not the creator.

How many people have you heard of who have developed a belief in Santa Claus in adulthood?

Or the tooth fairy?

And a lot of Anglicans are not YEC’s in fact many are not creationists at all.

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