Young Earth Theory Revisited

Hi guys,

This topic still a little confusing to me. Someone can please explain to me if the catholic church really taught that the universe has 6000 yeras old, and if not who was? If you can give me some sources…

I Know that it’s doens’t matter, but someone that I knew is angry with the church because that…he says that the church said that but now change the ideia…

Thank you, God bless! :slight_smile:

I strongly suspect you are dealing with someone who is looking for an “Ah Ha, I Gotcha Moment”. When dealing with someone like that, any rationale explanation will not suffice.

I don’t have the answer to your question but the Church is 2,000 years old and the Holy Scriptures dates back nearly 2,000 years further. The Bible is not a scientific paper and was written by people who wrote in their times and culture. The Church is intelligent enough to understand scientific truths and spiritual truths. God is the author of both and they can not contradict one another. As our understanding of the physical universe grows we will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the spiritual truths as well. These spiritual truths have been faithly maintained by our Mother the Church.

I also suspect that your friend is angry with the Church for other reasons as well. Love and prayer is a better answer that trying to argue with him.

One has to consider whether the scientific reasoning is right or wrong. What is informing the reasoning? Popular does not mean right.

The age of 6000 years was calculated by an Anglican Bishop named Ussher. He did so using the geneaologies.

I think this is better:

Interpreting the Genealogies of Genesis

I thought the Church Fathers thought it was 6,000 years old as well (minus, of course there time-when Ussher calculated it), so maybe 5,000. Did any Church Father try to give it a date?

Yeas you can believe that ther Earth is 6000 years old…if you are ignorant and live under a rock or cave somewhere. God gave you reason and a mind and science, use it.

My, such charity to the ignorant!

The Church has NEVER taught the universe is 6000 years old.
We are free to believe in a young or old earth but frankly a young earth is not credible. There is overwhelming scientific evidence to support an old universe/earth.

Thanks, I apreciated the answers…

In fact this guys had his moment, and even when I tell to him that was Ussher who have calculated the age of the earth, he started to talking about others arguments…

Any way, I belive that the church never said anything like that about the world, thanks again for the answers…

God bless:thumbsup:

It was Bishop Usher of the church of england who came up with the 6,000 year old earth based on his addition of geneologies in the Bible.

Princeton professor William Henry Green wrote a highly influential article in Bibliotheca Sacra entitled “Primeval Chronology” where he demonstrates beyond doubt that there are in fact gaps in the geneologies in the Bible.

this article refers to a few church fathers on this topic, but as far as I can see does not give references,

I’m a pretty tough critic of the Church on a lot of matters, but on this count, they’re not guilty. It’s mostly evangelicals who are hung up on creationism/literal interpretation which leads to things like the young Earth idea. It is a ludicrous idea in the face of all the evidence we have, and can only work if we abandon reason altogether. The Church has had its little problems with astronomy in the past and still clings to some rather un-scientific ideas about things like transgender identity, but it’s never in recent times at least called on people to believe in a 6,000 year old Earth/universe. If the OP’s friend want’s to bust the church’s hump, he’ll have to try another avenue.

for me, i wish this matter would be settled one way or another to give my system a rest; too much info for too long … but until then i side with a “young earth”.

Kent Hovind although a non catholic presents the facts in an amazing way! It seems to point without question, in my mind, to a “young earth”.

Hovind is not Catholic (very much not so), he is not a scientist, and he is presently in prison for various forms of fraud. You really want to follow his views on this question?

i honesty knew this comment were sure to come. but it should not have i think.

Hovind is not a saint and i said he were not catholic but i’ve watched so many of his videos and he knows what he is talking about. how do i know? i’ve watched the debates; his opposition can’t even refute him. they try different tactics and even those don’t work.

in the end, i don’t know and neither do you. but as i said and will say again, it makes sense to me and is keeping with the Bible… in my little opinion…

God bless & Love,

ps. i know Kent a little and his family and it seems to me that he “stuck to his guns” over his taxes and maybe some pride got in and yes he is in jail but good priests have been in jail too.

Sometimes moral law and civil law clash i have seen.

Check out a video or two of his on you tube and see where it leads you. Kent is a sinner like us all but maybe he is right which would still not make him a saint but he could be on the road to truth. amen?

I’ve been impressed by the work of a group of plasma physicists and electrical engineers who teamed up with scientists from other disciplines to propose a new (and controversial) theory about cosmology.

One of their observations is that the Grand Canyon cannot possibly have been carved out by millenia of erosion. That would require water to have flowed uphill, and required the eroded debris to have simply disappeared (since there’s no trace of it having been carried and deposited anywhere).

Below is the first part of their two-part article. Their article archives make for fascinating browsing.

They believe the canyon is actually a huge “Lichtenstein pattern” blasted into the earth by an enormous lightening strike which carved it in a matter of seconds.

Before you say “That’s impossible” - read their site!

Note that there are no geologists mentioned.

One of their observations is that the Grand Canyon cannot possibly have been carved out by millenia of erosion. That would require water to have flowed uphill, and required the eroded debris to have simply disappeared (since there’s no trace of it having been carried and deposited anywhere).

Water did not flow uphill, instead the land rose. There is the same amount of debris however the canyon is excavated.

Like so many Young Earthers they are lying to you. YEC does not have ant facts so they have to fall back on lies.


watch the kent hovind videos on you tube, he goes over the grand canyon points and so much more.

He talks about how the moon is moving further away each year and if the earth was millions years old, the moon would have been on top on the earth!

also, … well, i won’t do it justice so watch the video…

He is telling lies again. The Earth-Moon distance argument was refuted a long time ago yet YEC liars like Hovind continued to propagate arguments that they knew were false. They are lying to you. See Creationist Claim 110 for details.

Hovind is one of the worst of the YEC liars. Even the other YEC sites like AiG or CMI repudiate many of his arguments. See Arguments we think creationists should NOT use for the list.


Hovind might be being percecuted right now, but what is new there? All those historically who have been inspired by God have had to fight mockery and percecution.

This does not change the facts that he is trying to present. There is hard evidences that Dinosaurs were present during the Noahic Flood.

The Dinosaur in the living room that we seem to be missing is that we have geneologies that are present in the Bible. The Bible is the Inspired word of God. Now,would God inspire the church fathers and prophets of old to write something in error!? NO!

Geneologies may be interpreted here and there as viable or not viable. This makes no difference. The world is clearly about 6000 to 15000 years old based on any interpretations. Why quibble over a few centuries?

The “evidence” so called scientists produce for a 14 billion year old universe is laughable. This is completly against what the Bible tells us so how can it possibly be accurate?. The One who was there at creation itself knows best, not some Atheists skewing data to feed their satanic propaganda.

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