Young girls wearing revealing clothes to church


My husband and I noticed some young girls wearing extremely revealing clothes to church. One girl who looked about 12 years old was wearing the following:
Full make up with red lipstick and big hair
spaghetti strap tight t-shirt
very short, short skirt- it bearly covered her behind and if she bent over, forget it
thigh high rainbow colored sox
platform red shoes

She went up to Communion and it was hard not to look. Her father was standing behind her. There were at least 6 other young girls that were dressed in a similar manner. I try not to pay attention but at times it is difficult… especially the one that I described above.

Every Sunday, I watch these young girls (11-13 years old) wearing tight, short outfits and full scale make-up like they are going to a bar. And it isn’t even the high school girls that are doing it… it is little girls. What is going on? Where are the parents? Anyone else have the same problem in their parish?


We’re not overrun by teenagers in church but when they come they usually are not dressed appropriately. The teen who went to read at the anticipated Mass last Saturday was wearing pants that had been sprayed on and her shirt was only slightly less tight. Camel toe on a Reader is not a pretty picture.

But the parents would be the first to complain if we complained. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard “Well, you should just be happy she’s at Mass.”


What these girls need to know is that Jesus loves all women, not just prostitutes. They don’t have to dress to get His attention…


The teenagers in our parish are relatively decent dressers. A few spaghetti straps here and there but what is WORSE is the women who are 40 or 50 and think they are 20 and in a club!!! I agree that its hard not to notice and I try so hard not to be judgmental of them but half the time the ladies who do it are EMHCs and you can’t help but see them. I’m talking mini skirts and knee high-high heeled boots. Even DH, who isn’t Catholic says they should have more respect than that.


I’m only 26, but I remember being about 6 or 7 and the priest reminding everyone at the end of the Mass about modest dress.

Perhaps remind the priest? I think if he addressed everyone it wouldn’t single out too many people.


Unless I am mistaken, an adult was repsonsible for buying the clothes.Last I knew, 11 or 12 ws too young to work.



There are always going to be a couple girls, or a group of girls, who dress inappropriately for Mass.

They need prayers that their parents quit being afraid of them, and say something.


In our parish awhile back it was posted in the bulletin to dress modestly for religion class and mass.

I agree that these children need our prayers and so do their parents because if they are attending mass with them they obviously see what they are wearing and more than likely bought the clothes for them. We should also pray for the priests who are in these situations that they have the courage to speak up on this matter.



It’s a lack of formation in adults that results in not teaching the kids.


I’m glad my 11 yr old dd dresses modestly. She doesn’t understand that style of dress. She wears jeans, pants, or plaid shorts with cute tops, but nothing revealing. (their bodies aren’t even fully formed yet to reveal anything) We frequent the teen mass now, and every teenager that I have seen, and younger, really dresses modestly. The other masses we attended, was where we’d see the occasional immodestly dressed young girl–but at the teen mass, there seems to be a high level of respect for our Lord. It’s a shame that girls feel they need to dress in certain ways though–but maybe they think it’s just a fad.:shrug:


I hear you. At one parish we attended, there were two teenage girls wearing very low slung pants–so low you could see, well, the tops of their bottoms, to put it as nicely as I can. And their shirts rode up.

This might not have been so bad if they weren’t also bringing up the gifts that day! :eek: I couldn’t believe their parents let them dress like that when they were bringing up the bread and wine for the offering! DH and I were disgusted. And the girls kept smirking and giggling as though they knew exactly what they’d done.

I am kind of glad I have boys, since when I go to department stores the girls’ clothes sections seem to be full of immodest clothing. I have heard other moms of girls say it’s hard to find modest clothing even for 9 year olds. :frowning:


I would say that there are about 10 girls each Mass that dress this way. Some sit in little groups with other girls (so maybe their parents don’t know what they wore to church) and others are there with their parents. The church has a school attached to it and I can’t help wondering if Mass is their “fashion show” since they have to wear uniforms to school.

The boys all stand at the back of the church near the entrance. Some of the girls will stand at the back as well but away from the boys but they keep giggling. I think an usher should tell the boys to sit down in the pews before the Mass starts.


blame CCD or the Catholic school, everybody else does
of course, we take them clothes shopping and for makeovers in CCD so it is our fault.
if priest does not address the parents from the pulpit on this issue, the problem will continue.
watch how the parents dress, does that give you a clue?
neighboring parishes are establishing dress codes for Parents for 1st comm and conf., because of the outrageous outfits that are showing up (generally in more affluent areas, for whatever reason).


HAHAHA good one buddy.

And yes, this is bad, and very uncharitable to their brothers in Christ who need to be adoring the Crucifix, not someone’s behind.


I may have to learn to sew when my dd is that age. I even find some stuff these days in the toddler section that’s too trashy to wear. Whenever I see stuff like that I whisper in her ear, “not in a million years will your father or I let you leave the house looking like that.”

Our parish has a blurb about appropriate mass attire in the bulletin every week. Every week, folks. It shouldn’t be necessary. I pray for these girls’ parents, if they aren’t strong enough to get them to dress appropriately to go to mass I can’t imagine how they’re going to get them to behave appropriately elsewhere.


My oldest here is 11. This dress was made by her aunt. If I let her wear it to Mass, it will be the only sleeveless dress she wears to Mass.

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We had Fr. in stitches one night at Bible Study when he said he thinks girls/women should at least cover shoulders and knees.

We replied that these days people would interpret that as ONLY shoulders and knees. He couldn’t stop laughing at the mental image that conjured. :smiley:


Your girls are beautiful. I personally don’t have a huge issue with sleeveless. It is the cleavage and short shorts/skirts and bare midriff that bother me the most. I live in Texas and it does get hot here so a pretty sleeveless shirt or dress is perfectly acceptable.


Reading this thread makes me realize how fortunate I live where I do,as I have never witnessed the inappropriate dress that some have to put up with on a weekly basis.I get distressed enough at seeing folks wearing jeans at a Sunday Mass,but maybe I’m just being picky.

I did notice the mother of one child at our First Reconciliation back in December who was wearing a low-cut blouse and showing aLOT of cleavage.I felt so sorry for the priest who heard her Confession :o


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