Young men in Mexico say the US no longer offers them a better future

In a typical year, the young men in this agricultural region of western Mexico would have made the journey north to America. But not this year or for this generation: a better future across the border is a promise they no longer trust.

“For years, we dreamed of America, but now that dream is no good,” says 18-year-old Pedro Morales, sitting in the elegant Spanish colonial square of Comala under the shadow of the spectacular Volcan de Fuego. “There are no jobs and too many problems. We don’t want to go.”…

“The reason they’re coming home is because they have no options, no papers, and the laws are more aggressive,” says Fernando Morett, a shopkeeper in the coastal town of Chiutlan. “It’s complicated, and people are debating it. If they don’t have friends in the US and they have to pay to cross the line, it’s not worth it.”

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Its not just young men in Mexico. Its ALL young people in America. Less than 50% of college graduates are finding jobs in their field of study and just over 50% are finding jobs at all (5 years of college to work at Mc Donalds?).

Just 54 percent of Americans ages 18 to 24 currently have jobs, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center. That’s the lowest employment rate for this age group since the government began keeping track in 1948. And it’s a sharp drop from the 62 percent who had jobs in 2007 – suggesting the recession is crippling career prospects for a broad swath of young people who were still in high school or college when the downturn began.


People who graduated and kicked off their job search in 2009 or 2010 are likely to experience pay 10 to 15 percent lower than their peers’, for as much as a decade after leaving school.

Interesting. Makes sense, if the jobs are not here why make the tough, expensive trip across the Mexican border. I guess in a way President Obama, with the poor economy, has unsuspectedly solved the illegal immigration issue.

When it comes to the Latin vote, with the up and coming election, this undoubtably go to show that job creation matter most. Much has been made over the years that the GOP is doomed with a fast growing Latino population. As i read the other day though, that is not likely as employment opportunity matters greatly.

“Is The GOP Doomed?”

I said this in another thread, so perhaps I shouldn’t say it again, but I will.

I am not surprised at this.
-The unemployment rate in Mexico is lower than it is here.
-Earnings are about 1/3 in Mexico what they are here.
-But so is the cost of living.

The biggest part of the attraction for working here illegally (besides, possibly, public benefits and litigation) is that you’re earning money that’s worth a lot more in Mexico relative to goods and services, than it is here. It’s like the oilmen who make the big bucks for a few years in Kuwait and come back with more money than they could have ever saved here on American wages.

But if you can’t get a job here, you might as well work in Mexico, where your chances of employment are better.

Did anyone ever hear a comment like that when Bush was president? In just three years under Obama its a fact.

Interesting article.

Here is another:

**Dispelling the Myth of the Hispanic Monolithic Voting Bloc **

The pollyannas don’t want to hear that.

Well, the Mexican cartels are hiring. They pay well but their pension plan is terminal. On the flip side, at least they’re honest about their business model and didn’t get a bailout. Our industries specialize in theft/corruption, theirs in smuggling and murder.:slight_smile:

Unless you want to count the sweet arms deal the Obama Administration gave them.

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