Young Nuns BBC Documentary and Midsomer Murders

Last week I had a bit of a rant about the bbc tv channel here in the UK and its secular leanings, however last tuesday night it aired a great documentary called Young Nuns, following 2 young girls in their early twenties and their journey on entering the religious life. The bbc website website explains “At the beginning of the 21st century, becoming a nun might seem like an extraordinary thing to do. Yet each year in Britain, a small but growing number of young women are giving up careers, boyfriends and everything they own to devote themselves entirely to God.” A small but growing number - and thats coming from the bbc, secularist veiwers! :wink: It also gave insight into the life of the Fransiscan Sisters of the Renewal in Leeds and showed the amaizing work they do. Overall it showed the lives of nuns and the Catholic Church in general in a very positive and up-beat manner. Very refreshing! You can watch it here:

Also there was an episode of Midsomer Murders (detective drama) an ITV about the murder of a nun that takes place inside an ancient convent in modern day rural England. This also showed the lives of nuns in a positive light as the nuns who were left to greive their sister were really cute, quirky and fiesty as opposed to the usual negative portrayal of fictitious nuns. Also as it transpires the mother superior turns out to be the hero and couragously helps the cops to catch the murderer (sorry if I’ve ruined the ending). The head detective Barnaby (the main character of Midsomer Murders) is very sympathetic to the good sisters and their way of life and is dismissive of his junior detective’s misconceptions of the religious life and the church.

Overall its been quite a good week for Catholicism on the old telly box. :thumbsup:

Prayer works ~ congratulations! JPII said,

To pray is not to escape from history and the problems that it presents. On the contrary, it is to choose to face reality not on our own, but with the strength that comes from on high, the strength of truth and love, which have their ultimate source in God.

Hm, looks as though the second post does not belong in this thread. A technical difficulty, perhaps? Anyway Rachel, That’s a cool discovery on TV. I love Midsomer Murders BTW. I hope to see that episode! (I’m in the States, but we get it on public TV)

Thanks for posting this!!
I wanted to watch it when it was on tv here in my hometown but it was very late at night so I was unable to see it. But I will watch it now :slight_smile:

Yay! Im so happy you guys are pleased with the good news of positive Catholic tv in England recently. Its encouraging isnt it! I know its only 2 programmes but still… I suppose the links may not work if you’re in other countries,:frowning: but if you download them or catch Midsomer Murders when its next on Im sure you’ll love the shows. I was really happy with both of them and couldnt believe they were both on in such close periods of time. Solidarity you guys :thumbsup:

Does anyone know if this is something that can be watched online?

There is also a good BBC show called Call the Midwife, which is about a group of Anglican nuns and nurses during the 40s and 50s who serve as midwives in a very poor area. It’s available on Netflix through Watch Instantly. It’s based on the real-life memoirs of one of the nurses, but is somewhat fictionalized. It does have some realistic scenes of childbirth, so it probably isn’t for children.

I know it’s not Catholic, but it doesn’t have a very warm and loving portrayal of some awesome nuns.

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