Young people and Lady Gaga


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Lady Gaga is a sensation, no doubt.

Two things make her unusual: a) unlike Madonna, she writes her own music; !



Madonna has written extensively throughout her career. Hits like Music, Lucky Star etc were all by Madonna. Madonna writes her own material, and has for awhile with a few exceptions (Material Girl, Holiday). Her biggest hits, Like a Prayer and Vogue were written by her.

Please check your facts before posting.

Lady GaGa is a rip off of Madonna that is tacky & cheap.


I have always loved to dance so anything with a catchy beat I like to listen to. And I NEVER paid attention to who sang what unless I wanted to buy the album. I since I did not have a lot of money, I probably bought 5 albums in my life.

I am mainly thinking of when I go to the gym, if I like the aerobics teachers music, i will go back on when I was younger if I was at a bar I would dance to songs I like

To be honest, I have NO idea what Lady Gaga sings

A friend at work who is 24 loves her because she stands up for the misfits. Personally, I think there are better ways to stand up for misfits than to wear a meat dress.

I just think deep down she is a very hurting puppy. Or willing to do anything to make money which is probably the same thing



So are far as music and tv/movies go-am I being scrupoulus or should we monitor our media intake/consumtion???


She uses social media expertly to promote herself.

She has quite an impressive education. I’m guessing that she is using this “performance artist” platform to build up a huge fan base. In a few years, when all her fans are older, out of school, in the working world, and up all night with little babies, I’m guessing that Lady GaGa will transition into a new role, something more like Barbra Streisand or Barbara Mandrell, that will appeal to people who are working and paying taxes and raising kids.

She has the vocal chops and the education to sing whatever will sell.

And I think she’ll keep re-inventing herself through the years to please her audience and keep drawing a handsome paycheck.

One day we will all look back on this first incarnation of GaGa and wonder, “I can’t believe she used to look and sing that way!”


No you are NOT scrupoulus. Of course we should monitor it !!! The devil will use anything to get to us.

My 83 year old mom told me a story about how once a radio announcer innocently slipped and used a swear word on the air. They fired him on the spot. Nowadays those words are common place. I had to explain to a 10 year old that she was not to use that language in my appartment (they did not speak English in the home so her parents probably had no idea what it meant). The kid was baffled and said ‘But they use it on TV’

How are we suppose to know the difference between right and wrong if we bombard ourselves with trash



Hey I am with you- and I do tell my girls what I find objectionable, no worries about that! Actually there were songs that I look back and cringe- don’t laugh but I cannot listen to the Rolling Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil anymore even though I loved it as a kid. And didn’t the Stones call an album something about for his satanic majesty? I was also a big David Bowie and Queen fan and their music is classic but not the, uh, lifestyle we really should have been celebrating and I never gave it a though as a kid. I think the degeneration began decades ago but I agree, it does seem to be hastening. I just keep praying for the culture to leave particularly my 18 year old alone as she goes off to college. My older one is married and a very conservative person morally and she is the Gaga fan, go figure!


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Madonna has written extensively throughout her career. Hits like Music, Lucky Star etc were all by Madonna. Madonna writes her own material, and has for awhile with a few exceptions (Material Girl, Holiday).


I should have said that unlike Madonna, Lady Gaga writes all her music.

Lady GaGa is a rip off of Madonna that is tacky & cheap.

Funny. Madonna has been described as a rip off of Marilyn Monroe that is tacky & cheap!



The main difference, I think, is that Madonna, while also performing blasphemously, wasn’t like that on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. Also, Madonna has moved away from the skanky stuff ever since she “converted” to Kabbalism.
She CAN sing----I’ll giver her that. And she DOES have talent----but her blashpehmous, pronogrpahic style tends to to overshadow it.


Both Madonna and Lady Gaga were raised as Catholics . Both have used controversial themes in their music, concerts, and music videos. Both are incredibly talented when it comes to song writing too. Both have used their clothing choices to shock people.

I do like some of Gaga's music, but I have not watched most of her music videos but have seen plenty of pictures of her clothes & accessories. I grew up on Madonna's music as a child of the 80's and turned out just fine.


BTW, if you read the lyrics to "Judas", it is about how she wants to have a relationship with God, but Judas is a part of herself and the world that pulls her away from him. It isn't about liking the real Judas.


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I grew up on Madonna's music as a child of the 80's and turned out just fine.


Praise the LORD!!!



From the interviews I have read, she is a very bright and talented person. Whether she uses her gifts wisely is a different matter:rolleyes: but one thing she said in a British magazine that really impressed me was that she sent a message out to teenage girls that it is perfectly acceptable and sensible to say 'no' to sex outside marriage if that is what you believe and that there is no shame in saying 'no' if you feel you are not ready. She said nobody should feel pressured into sleeping with anybody just to keep in with their crowd or because of peer pressure.

I honestly think she is just a young girl having a laugh - seeing how far she can push the boundaries in a very tongue in cheek way - and actually getting away with it because music executives and the like are so removed from reality and deluded that they buy into it! She's laughing all the way to the bank...

Fast forward 10 years and she'll be wearing sensible, natural fabrics (apart from meat!) and promoting family values, home-baking and the importance of a solid education. She might be young and foolish - but she's not daft:thumbsup: Whether or not she is fully aware that many people are actually influenced in a negative way because they don't 'get' the joke is another matter: I am not so sure she is - or at least, she hasn't fully appreciated the consequences because she isn't mature enough to do so herself...


Why were young people fascinated with Elvis?
Why were young people fascinated with the Beatles?
Why were young people fascinated with Led Zepplin?
Why were young people fascinated with Madonna?
Why were young people fascinated with N.W.A?
Why were young people fascinated with Eminem?
Why are young people fascinated with Lady Gaga?

Because they’re provocative. They’re edgy. They challange. They push boundaries. They’re threatening.

But, most importantly… Their parents HATE them.:smiley:


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Glad my 18 year old likes country.


Of course, there is quite a few country songs that are inappropriate...


What about the group from the 1950's called the Animals???


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What about the group from the 1950's called the Animals???


The 1960s, son. The 60's.

I'm so old. Sigh...


For a translation of Lady Gaga's lyrics to the song "Judas", please take 5 minutes to watch to this you tube video...

If your sense of humor is even a little bit like mine, you will enjoy this!


True but in general the genre is a lot better than pop right now in terms of values. I can put up with some drinking and partying songs (hey I even like some of those:)) versus the blatant sexual references in much of pop music today. In any case, parents should be familiar with the music their kids like so lines of communication about content can remain open.



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No this is not a joke or nothing like that.... but it seems like a lot of young adults and even young adult Catholics like to listen to Lady Gaga. And I think Lady Gaga is Catholic, but maybe she's non-practicing..

So why do so many young people have this like and fascination for Lady Gaga and her music?

Any ideas???


Haven't read any posts. I really love her music. She is extremely talented. She's a little lost, but she's an amazing artist. I enjoy her music very much and I find her videos very interesting and wierd.

I'm a fan. :blush:


As a Catholic and believer in Jesus why would you want to listen to music that does not support your Catholic belief system or love of Jesus,? Lady Gaga and most secular/radio/.top 40 music is immoral music. She is contributing to the sexualization and pornification of young children, teen's and adult's through the mediums of pop music and music videos, hell I would not let my kid's alone with someone with her world view and morals let alone let them listen to her. She promotes sex,. homosexuality, transgenderism ,materialism and the occult. Lady Gaga is just another lost soul that has sold, and I wish so called Catholics and Christians would get serious about what the listen to or watch.

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