Young Teen With Spinal Cord Injury On His Feet After Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Spinal Cord Injury Helped By Adult Stem Cells

A Mississippi teen with a spinal cord injury has improved his quality of life after receiving treatment with his own stem cells. The young man went to Germany to receive stem cell treatment at the Xcell Center, an adult stem cell therapy company.

Justin McCray, a junior in high school will be able to attend school again for the first time since an accident injured his spinal cord and left him paralyzed thanks to benefits received after the therapy

McCray, a junior at North Forrest High School, still needs a wheelchair to get around. But he is now strong enough to move a non-mechanized chair himself and can move himself from his wheelchair.

“He has definitely made tremendous progress,” physical therapist Jennifer Stewart said. “He has made so many gains in so many areas.”

“We’re still hopeful that he’ll get up and be able to walk,” said Marche’ Maye, Justin’s mother. "He has gotten so much back, just since we came back from Germany. “He’s starting to feel things below his waist.” “We can’t imagine what that’s like,” Stewart said. "All of his goals relating to therapy are pointed toward gaining as much independence as possible. “The more independent we can make him, the better it is for him.”

More On The Simple Stem Cell Procedure
McCray said the stem-cell procedure, in which stem cells are processed from the patient’s bone marrow then reinjected, was not as invasive as it might sound. “They went up in my lower back and took the stem cells out, then injected me in my hip,” he said. “It left me with a bad headache for about a day. But other than that, it wasn’t too bad.”

60% Success Rate - Not Too Shabby for Spinal Cord Injuries
The procedure was done at the XCell-Center in Dusseldorf, Germany. The clinic claims about a 60 percent success rate in patients with spinal-cord injuries. McCray has regained significant movement and feeling from his waist up, and is starting to regain some feeling in his feet. More important, he is now able to stand up in leg braces and can walk a few steps with assistance.

Germany 60% Success Rate, United States 0%
Notice that nobody is promising a cure and a miracle. In fact, the Xcell Center is not even promising improvement.
Using the 60% success rate, it is easy for all to see that they have a 40% “unsuccessful” rate. While the Xcell Center offers 60%, the United States offers a 0% success rate and a 100% “unsuccessful” rate as they offer nothing. Thus, it is not surprising that spinal cord injury patients (and other patients) are flocking to Germany and other overseas clinics when the United States and all of their wonderful research and development has nothing to offer these people.

Is it that the United States doesn’t have the technology? No, the technology is surprisingly simple and has been available for over 20 years. Is it that the United States doesn’t have the knowledge on the adult stem cell procedure? No, for Justin McCray, it was as simple a procedure as a spinal tap. Is it dangerous? No, the treatment uses the patient’s own stem cells, their own repair system.

Then why can’t this stem cell treatment be done in the United States??? Millions of patients want to know. I want to know.

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While investors have a proper desire to expect a profit from their investments, there appears to be little profit in using a patient’s own cells. If you look here:

There appears to be a desire to work with whoever can make them the most money even though some companies use embryonic stem cells.


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