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Do convents still take in teen girls? Just curious


I think you have to be at least 18, but 18 and 19 year old girls are still technically in their teens.


The youngest I’ve seen for both Friars and Sisters is seventeen. It depends upon your culture, though. In American culture, men and women are not classified as adults until they are seventeen or so, but in other cultures it happens much younger than that, around fourteen and fifteen. In these cultures there are most likely Friaries/Convents that take in younger Vocations.

If you’d like to enter when you’re young, I would recommend the Franciscan Sisters Minor. They don’t have a website themselves, so type in Franciscan Brothers Minor and they have a section for the Sisters.


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Do convents still take in teen girls? Just curious


I believe you're referring to aspirancy schools, which the convents used to have.

What they're doing in some cases is cosponsoring discernment houses with their local diocese. Mater Redemptoris House in LaCrosse is cosponsored by the diocese and the Srs of St Francis of St George the Martyr. They have a year-long program for discernment, and those who participate usually know what their next step is when they leave.

Canon law mandates that no one under 17 be permitted to enter the novitiate.



This reminded me of when I was visiting a Carmel a few weeks ago. The Prioress was telling me that it used to be she got constant enquiries about if there was an upper age limit but now she has loads of enquiries about the lower age limit from teenage girls!


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