Young White Mother Shot Dead by BLM Supporters for Allegedly Saying 'All Lives Matter"

Victoria33 had posted this article on another forum but this story needs to be addressed. Why has this story not made the national media?

My understanding is only the mother got shot not the fiance who was also with her. She got shot in the head. Is this a hate crime? Has anyone been arrested?

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Perhaps it will, I see the article has been published just today. However, I would not be surprised if it isn’t reported - objective journalism seems to be an extremely scarce resource today.

The FBI defines a hate crime to be a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”
Based upon this definition, it seems that the murder would not count as a ‘hate crime’.

I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice; I think we should pray for the repose of her soul, for her son and relatives and also for the perpetrator to be moved to repentance.


The death occurred a week ago and yet no media coverage… I do not see any arrests in this case.

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Considering this, I doubt very much that the national media will pay any attention to the case. Many news stations have political agendas that would be damaged by reporting the incident; generally, given that many people were injured or killed in the recent BLM riots I don’t think the media would want to give special attention to this one case in particular.


The death occurred a week ago and it is often news media that brings this to the attention of the public so that suspects can be identified. If the story is squashed, no one will be identified and arrested.

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I agree. Unfortunately, it seems at this point that nobody in the media cares about her. If this news is local to you, perhaps you could complain to the local news stations. I do think it would be a most grievous injustice for the murderer to not be found; I agree with you on the matter that ‘if the story is squashed, no one will be identified and arrested.’

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You have started numerous threads to ask this question. I think it may be helpful to you to first identify what elements make a crime a hate crime. Then ask yourself if those elements are present in a specific case.

From the articles I read there is not much I formation.

There was an argument, then they talked it out. Later she was shot. There isn’t anything to connect the earlier argument to the shooting. Thus the only confirmed element with respect to the shooting is that there was a fatal shooting. There may be more to the story during the investigation. Or there may not be, in which case there might not be any significant coverage.

The Caldron Pool is an extremist news source that does not even disclose its ownership? It is safe to say that we are not going to receive unbiased information from their reporting. Remember, just because you favor the information, does not quantify it as valid.

Besides, what is “News Worthiness”? How do we determine what is “Objective”? Are you determining that standard for all of us?

Unfortunately, information is only making us more polarized. An older family member that is retired will fill their days watching Fox News. I don’t believe any of their family members are convinced that they are more enlighten from all the television consumption…just simply polarized by the delivery of information that is only targeted to stir anger. I point this out because it is a common scenario that becomes apparent to those close to the person engulfed in too much targeted media.

Does the fact that “other” news services cover a story bring a level of tautology to the subject? Evidence can be found with Social Media; because everyone is covering it, it is news worthy. Hence, Social Media virility makes the story worthy of coverage.

In conclusion, gathering your news from an extremist source will take a toll on your psyche. The bulk of political media is written for those that agree with the author. Objective Journalism? Not in an era that allows us to gravitate towards information that favors our thinking.

I do wonder about hate crimes. No media coverage, no arrests is where this story remains.

They talked it out, minutes later she was shot. I think there is enough of a connection to at least investigate it.

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Many stories on social sites are not covered by the media. If it weren’t for independent sources, we would not know of catholic statues torn down or catholic prayer groups been beaten. The media chooses not to cover such things.

This is a story of a young couple out walking. There are no drugs or gang violence involved. She is now dead. What happened? The family would like some closure and feel they are not getting it.

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Investigate? Yes.
Conclude? Not yet.

How about even a media story line so an arrest can be made. The longer this story is buried, the less chance of an arrest. The family want to know why this happened to their daughter?


The statistics I find say that on average 103 people are shot and killed in the USA every day. Sadly they may not all get national attention. Additionally more people tend to be killed on big holidays. The 4th of July just passed.

Her story may not be able to outcompete the others yet.

Man of these crimes are drug related disputes. They are gang related fights. This story is a young couple simply out for a walk. The media should be trying to find her killers to find out if the details given are correct. and bring closure for this family.

I do not know if they are or are not.

Did local media not run the story? Do you think that people in other states have info?

Many are and that is why we see little press on them.

Local media does not seem to have the story. I have checked but have yet to find anything.

Other than the part about disclosure of ownership, the description could apply to the NYT or CNN

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Is it possible that the majority of her family members does NOT want her death to be turned into a media extravaganza?

We are less concern with finding the truth or an objective perspective than finding those that agree with us. These days we have more information available to us at our finger tips than any prior generation. Yet, rather than educate us - it polarizes us.

There is a tendency for individuals to selectively credit and dismiss evidence in patterns that reflect the beliefs that predominate their thinking. This is known as Identity Protective Cognition. The reality; we are not seeking empathy for someone’s tragedy, what we seek is support for our way of thinking. Personally, I don’t watch the evening news because of its fixation on accidents and now polarization.

Social Media gives everyone the ability to post content that they want to share with the world. However, that does not mean that the world is going to stop and provide all the attention to your issues. Advertisers knew that sex gets attention, but now anger and division is doing a better job of grabbing people.

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