Young White Mother Shot Dead by BLM Supporters for Allegedly Saying 'All Lives Matter"

If it were a white group that shot a black mother in the head, you can bet it would be all over the news, and swift justice would ensue.

By the definition of a hate crime, if this was done because the mother was white, that would go to race, and yes, that would be hate crime. Trouble would be, trying to prove that was the motive.

Hate crime or not, it’s still cold-blooded murder. WHERE are the consequences for the perpetrator?


Actually it is her parents pushing to find out what happened.


This is a family who would like some resolve to a crime that happened to their daughter. They are the one pushing this story because they want these murderers to get caught. IThey are seeking justice for their daughter who was simply taking a walk.


Agree it would have made a news story.

The story is in the Indianapolis Star.

BTW, it is said in some big cities, they may not always report all pertinent details in a story in some apprehension about racial relations. And that makes sense.

I take it you are similarly circumspect when evaluating police interactions with blacks for signs of “racism”?

The link you provided attributes in part WTHR news as a source. That would be a local news station, channel 13 OTA.

I’d apply the same things that I said to other humans in general, this includes the police. For a claim of unjust racial bias supporting evidence is needed. This might be in the form of declarations that police make, trends in how police react in certain situations for different racial groups, or in other forms.

For the story as described so far there isn’t enough information for making a conclusion. With the passage of time more information may become available. Then speculation can be withdrawn for a narrative supported by facts and evidence.

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Actually, its more likely that the police are asking the local media to sit on this. I work for a police agency. When they are in the middle of an investigation the less info that is released the better. And news sources usually defer to the police in cases like these.

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Why sit on it. If this had been a story of a black girl and a group of thugs had shot her in the head for saying BLM, do you think it would make the news cycle. It would and people would be looking to get the details.

Reminder that their is nether confirmation of who shot her or why they shot her.

I suspect if it was a girl (child) it might have gotten more attention along with the other children that were killed by gunfire last weekend.

No there was no confirmation but her fiance who was with her felt that was the reason. That alone would have been enough if it were a black girl shot for allegedly saying BLM.

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I will note the trends surrounding an organization that burns, loots, and murders, and draw my conclusions accordingly.


Okay, though determining whether or not someone is a member of an organization may at times be challenging. But that’s another topic.

If the identified shooter can be identified examining their public statements or asking for the motivation may be informative on acquiring knowledge on this.

No but a early on manhunt for these aggressors may/may not have helped. We will not know. Again if this was a black girl killed for allegedly saying BLM, there would be more press, and an ongoing investigation. Will wait and see if there is ever another story of an arrest. I do not expect to see one.

I think since this is in the heartland, in Indiana, this story will be followed up but I agree, it should have more coverage.

If they echo the slogan for a neo-Marxist group, they support it.

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Glad Fox finally picked up story. No one else would.

Reddit a social conversation site closed down dialogue on it.

Quite a few deaths, shootings and assaults have been connected to the recent BLM protests. But it’s only when a protester is being harmed that the media pays attention, looking to blame a Klan member or secret white nationalist.


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