Young Woman who shot herself gets face transplant


I came across this story and I have to say it’s one of the most amazing,and at the same time very very tragic stories that I have ever read.

The whole story and process can be found in the second link but a warning it is extremely graphic (if you are squeamish like me).


Funny you posted this…I just read it less than an hour ago on a news site.

It’s amazing she has survived. I’m assuming and hoping she has received plenty of counseling to deal with why she committed suicide in the first place.

Prayers that she heals well in both body and spirit.


Yes @showerofroses , it’s also amazing that she has no brain injury from the gunshot.


Really? The article I read on fox news said there was some brain injury as well as messing up her hormones and sodium levels. Plus, her facial muscles and tongue will never work properly.

It sounds so horrible to me…I pray she has a STRONG support system in place and finds comfort in the arms of Jesus.


Sorry,I didn’t realise this was the case:(
Somehow I just presumed there was no brain injury because the Sun article didn’t mention it.
Great job by the doctors but very sad that she felt such distress to come to this place in the first place.


Thanks for the warning as I am squeamish about those things.

I see these stories and wonder what it must be like to see another face in the mirror. Personally I’d feel really weird about having any transplant. The whole idea creeps me out. But a face transplant would really bother me. Of course if in that situation I might feel differently.


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