Young women cuddling each other?

I had searched high and low for the last few hours trying to find answers to this question. I’ve seen the practice everywhere and nobody is discussing it. What are people’s thoughts on friendships between women where they cuddle one another? Is this to be accepted as a normal and healthy practice? I’m leaving the subject matter (of the cuddling) broad, but perhaps someone could comment on that (e.g. Spooning each other, footsie, massaging, etc.)

Is there a desire for marital intimacy being sought from female to female cuddling? Why is it that religious sisters are not seen (nor even behind closed doors) found cuddling… And if religious were indeed cuddling, would it not be cause for serious concern? Are religious sisters missing a proper theology of the body? Are the young women? Obviously there are some differences but both are called to live a similar state of chastity… More questions to follow.

May Our Lady bring the graces of clearness in vision as regards Gods Divine Plan for woman!
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It is a historically normal thing, historically men did so too, the decline began with the invention of the concept of heterosexuality and the invention of homosexuality to serve as a pathologized foil for heterosexuality.

I believe that NO MONDAYS should not have reported a poster’s question about coddling. I have seen a lot worse postings and responses to what other members have posted. Posters come to this Catholic Forum seeking answers, not judgments. Jesus would have tried to answer the question in a good and thoughtful manner How about you?r

I did not report it after all. The topic just seems very suspicious.

I wouldn’t worry about anyone reporting a post. That is the right of any poster. The moderators do a great job of keeping the forums within the rule posted and if the post is appropriate the thread stays open.


Nobody’s discussing it because the only time religious leaders are going to call out their flock is when it has to do with something men are doing.

Yes it’s a desire for marital intimacy being sought in inappropriate places. The media and education system are working very hard to normalize homosexual actions, so you’re going to see lots of positive portrayals of this behavior, so it’s no surprise that women are doing it. Peer pressure is a strong force.

The reason that you don’t see religious sisters doing this kind of shameful behavior is because they know what chaste living is.

Uhhh, what would be wrong with two women giving each other a back massage?

Do people seriously think that’s wrong? :confused:

This behavior is negatively correlated with acceptance of homosexuality and thus your entire argument is invalid as for it to be correct it’d have to be positively correlated.

I don’t see anyone addressing OP’s point: if this behavior is fine, why don’t religious sisters do it?

Yeah since you asserted it, it must be true. :rolleyes:

It seems you’re confusing different types of touching, and attributing a sexual movtive to it where there isn’t any.

Um, doing it in public would risk being inappropriate for anyone. So you wouldn’t see women doing this in public, even if they did it in private.

I know a religious sister that has, once or twice, given my wife a back massage. Oh, no, my wife’s a lesbian! :eek:


Yeah I’m pretty sure what you’re describing here would be the barest kind of “cuddling” that OP is referring to. Did this sister kiss your wife on the forehead, give her a long hug, spoon her in some way, be lovey dovey with her, you get the idea. These are all the sorts of things young women do routinely.

No? Why not? It must be perfectly fine…since young women are doing it, and young women do no wrong (this is the only conclusion I can draw from catholic religious leaders never calling out women for anything), no reason to call it out, right?

TO be honest I don’t really care about obsessing about what other people are doing, it’s clearly shameful behavior and people either recognize this or are going to try and justify it. I’m out of this thread.

I don’t know what young women do in various contexts today, and I certainly agree that there are double standards at play here. I would certainly not have a problem with my wife’s friends kissing her forehead or cuddling her, or being lovey-dovey with her. My wife’s matron of honor was very lovey-dovey and affectionate, and I thought it was great.

The spooning thing seems odd to me. Do people really do this?

Do you seriously believe that Catholicism empowers women more than men? I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

TBH, I’ve never seen a religious sister hug someone. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything wrong with hugging someone. I’ve never seen a priest skateboard, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything wrong with that either.

Men used to be physical expressive in their friendships and this has declined over the past two hundred years, women have acted like this since before the Middle Ages.

Historically people met their physical and emotional needs through friendship with the same sex as marriage was about making babies not about love. Starting in the 18th century the concept of marrying for love started catching on and people started to seek fulfillment of their emotional and physical needs from their spouses. Beginning in the 19th century with the invention of heterosexuality and the pathologized foil of homosexuality, men began to start to curb their physical and emotional expression with their bffs lest they be mistaken for the monstrous social menace of the homosexual all the way until today where men must give retarded looking awkward as hell hugs lest they be mistaken for gay and if they forget they can’t give a real hug they are expected to follow it up with saying “no homo”.

1 Thessalonians 5:22

Abstain from all appearance of evil.

You can take this as far as you want to take it. To the extreme, it would mean doing our best to avoid having any contact at all with the same sex. If I see a woman and there’s no woman near her, then I have no reason to think that she’s a lesbian. If she’s within a few feet of another woman, then maybe she is.

Supposing I do see this woman and she’s smiling at another woman?

Supposing they exchange kind words?

Supposing they hug?

Gay sex, like other sins, can be imagined everywhere.

People laying down next to each other and holding each other is not comparable to subtle things like hugging or smiling. When the Bible says “avoid appearance of evil” it means avoid doing things that have connotations of sin, even if they arent sinful in and of themselves.

Right. Because for some reason, you’ve decided that a woman kissing the forehead of another woman gives off the appearance of evil. So that has to be avoided. But if someone else decides that a woman hugging another woman gives off the appearance of evil, then that’s just ridiculous, right?

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