Your absolute inability to deal with Congress people the way they should


cohen must think he is something special because he is a congressman.

the way to deal with congress people like cohen is for TN9 needs to vote him out.

she is spot on about abortion!

Pro-life activist Star Parker believes the Democratic congressman who berated her before a congressional hearing, accusing her of being “ignorant” and “unable” to deal with Congress, became outraged and impugned her because she exposed the Democratic Party’s oppression of “the most distressed” communities.

Cohen became visibly angered and, pounding his finger on the table, scolded Parker.

“I am not disingenuous about anything I say about Medicaid, Medicare … or SNAP programs,” he yelled. “To suggest that I’m disingenuous shows your ignorance or your absolute inability to deal with Congress people the way they should. I believe in those issues, and I think that they’re proper and to say I’m disingenuous is wrong and I expect an apology.”


Reverse the parties and hear the cries of racism all day and night.


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