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OK everyone. I let in a Witness the other day, and we talked for at least an hour. At one point she accused me of having done this before, but I really haven’t. That’s why I would like to know what your best plan of action is when talking with a Witness. I have downloaded a couple of pages from CA already, and have a good article marked in my This Rock magazine, as well as a chapter in “Nuts and Bolts” to study up on. But she’s supposed to come back, and I’d like some really practical ideas to implement if she does, hopefully from someone who’s done this before.
Thanks ahead of time!


I don’t have any advice except to keep using Catholic Answers for good resources, but I have to laugh at her accusation that you’ve “done this before” - as if she hasn’t pounded the pavement and knocked on doors over and over again - and then she accuses you when you are one person willing to speak with her! :wink:

Perhaps you’ve already visited this site:


Thanks so much for the link! That’s going to be a wonderful resource, I just know it. I can’t wait until I have time to explore it further! :clapping:


Depends on how long a road you’re willing to travel. I like to play the student and ask good questions during the “bible study.”

I’m not deceptive, though. I always lead off by letting them know that I am Catholic, but if they can prove that their organization is true I’d have no choice but to believe.

Be warned that the average JW spends a couple hours each week preparing for witnessing, and are good at talking circles around heavily debated issues like the Trinity. It’s a good idea to deal with subjects they aren’t used to addressing, like their beliefs on God’s omniscience or the date for the fall of Jerusalem.


Ask the JW to pray with you.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the warning, Stylite. I’ll try to come up with some “off topic” questions to ask her. My first “Bible lesson” was mostly prophecy stuff: Daniel and Revelation. I said I’ve read them, but I stick a little more to the Gospels. (I’m really not that into studying those books, but I guess it’s time. I’ve really been getting into my Navarre Bible New Testament) She didn’t seem too keen on entering that arena. And gee, her translation is so strange! I think I might pursue that question a bit on the next visit. Or is that too loaded for an amateur like me?

BTW, She knew before she even walked into my house that I was Catholic because she had to walk behind my van which has a “You can’t be both, Catholic and pro-choice” bumper sticker on it. Not to mention the St. Michael decal on one side and Divine Mercy on the other. When I opened the door in my “Catholic original” t-shirt, I’m sure it was a dead give-away! :yup: Boy was I glad I wore that shirt that morning!


I think that would make us both uncomfortable! :wink:
I don’t even know how JWs do pray. She brought up the Lord’s Prayer, but that’s it. Do they just talk out loud to God like Protestants, or do they have their own formal prayers like we do?


My BIL answered the door in his underwear one day. That sent the JW’s packing pretty fast, let me tell you!:smiley:


…blessing oneself with holy water whilst answering the door is helpful and ones rosary in hand is a dead give away as well…

I dont advocate the underwear option though…I might be had up for man slaughter:D



That is too funny!!! I love it, I love it!!

I have had some rounds and they have not come back in about a year I always hope that they do but they havent. I too ask them off the wall topics they are so prepared to defend themselves that sometimes when you stump them ( in a nice way, of course) they just dont know and I can see that it gets them thinking. But I will tell you, if you dont know your apologetics they run circles around you. Some people resort to being mean to them, which I dont agree.


Here’s some “fun” stuff to question her about, like as in “why” do you believe this:

Some of them are a “hoot”!!

Some backgound.

This one has a ton of questions they don’t like to answer!!

Have fun:thumbsup:


RobHom, thanks for the links. Those are really good. :thumbsup:

If everyone could pray for the Holy Spirit to visit me the next time my new friend stops by, I would appreciate it. I think I did pretty well the first time. I think I made her think about some things, and we ended on a friendly note. One other thing, this woman kept telling me she was “raised Catholic”. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing (probably both), but I am optimistic.

Keep the advice coming. I’m really enjoying this! Thanks everybody!!


Like so many Catholics who’ve left the Church, she was probably half-educated (at best!) in the Faith and thus was an easy target for the JW’s. You might ask her not just what, but why Catholics believe a certain doctrine - say either the Eucharist or the Communion of the Saints - and see just how much she actually knew about the Faith. Of course, what little understanding she had has already been corrupted by the JW influence.

You’ve got those prayers! :gopray2:


I met with a very nice JW lady for about six months for a weekly bible study; their text is their book, What the Bible REALLY Teaches. She usually came with one other JW who changed each week, many of whom were ex-Catholics, which was sad. It felt good to dig deeper into my Catholic faith and share it with others, but I finally stopped meeting with them because…

…on the other hand it felt very uncomfortable to hear/read their twisted ideas/interpretations and not be able to say why they’re wrong. I felt that way especially with their 30-page pamphlet “Should you believe in the Trinity?” (Their answer is no.) and their book Mankind’s Search for God. It is for this reason that I warn you it is DANGEROUS to do this “bible study” on a regular basis unless you are EXTREMELY well-grounded in your faith. They do have reasons why they believe what they believe, they can be persuasive, and I felt my faith slipping a few times. Don’t let it happen to you. Pray, pray, pray for protection.

That said, there are good resources here at Catholic Answers. And I found some good resources I ordered recently from Their Catholic Verse Finder directly addresses the most common arguments you’ll hear from evangelical Protestants as well as the JW’s and Mormons, the two most aggressive proselytizers. CatholicApologetics also sells a booklet directly addressing the JW pamphlet on the Trinity, which I am looking forward to reading through.

Also, check out the “So what do you say when they come to your door?” thread under Non-Catholic religions. It seems there’s another Forum member meeting JW’s in New York State area.

Best wishes,


My best plans:
Invite them in, make them comfortable, offer something to drink.
About what I would do for anyone.

Then I listen…
Wisdom is having lots to say and not saying it


If you ever get that type of reaction from of the door-to-door religion salesperson (You’ve don’t this before, haven’t you?), simply respond in kind.

“Ys, I have. So have you.”


how about i speak to you from an ex jw point of view? which iam. i will tell you how to prepare for witnesses. first off, you are doing the correct thing in downloading the CA stuff. now, get yourself that book from jason evert called “answering jehovah’s witnesses”.
that book is priceless in speaking with them. it helped set me straight even as a former witness!

first off, familairize yourself with the things they teach, and be able to prepare yourself to compare the beliefs, Catholicism and jw belief. back up what you say from the Bible. use their bible. that is the best way to speak to witness. if you can back up what you say by using their own bible, then they have nothing to disagree with you about.

always take note that witnesses are masters of turning the subject away if they feel uncomfortable. if they start getting uncomfortable then you know its a sign that they are hearing the truth and they don’t want to speak about it because their society says to walk away if anything is contradictory to what the watchtower organization teaches.

always leave them food for thought. witnesses love homework! give them something small to do, like a scripture or something to think about. ask them to look it up. ask them to come back with an answer to whatever it is that you want them to research. don’t over load them with information. start with a small thing at first, and if they continue the discussion and show a great deal of interest, then give them more to do.

always be charitable with them. if they think your taking the high road they will never come back. do not get into heated arguments with them because they wont come back. remember Christ’s words to us: love one another as I have loved you. Have love amongst yourselves.

so its not too hard to talk to them. always be consistent in the way you speak with them. witnesses are masters of body language and reading emotions. they see a doubtful expression, they will use that to their advantage.

always dress modestly when you know a witness is coming over to your door. they tend to think women not in their belief are very trashy if they dress “worldly”. short skirts, tight pants revealing shorts, exct. they are taught that all women must dress conservatively because if they don’t then who are they trying to impress? (men) exct. every little detail matters to them. they are truly brainwashed. they need to see the truth, and in order for that to happen, show them that “worldly” women can be modest and are not trashy as they think we can be.

i hope these tips help you out! always write things down before you speak to them. then you are prepared! good luck to you!


Pray, pray, pray for protection.

Don’t worry, Christine, I was the whole time she was in my house. And I wasn’t worried at all about anything she was saying. Of course, that was only the first visit. I will be really careful!
Thanks for the links! I work in a Catholic bookstore, and I wonder if we can order these things. I’d like to keep some of this stuff in stock.

ElectricMayhem said

My best plans:
Invite them in, make them comfortable, offer something to drink.
About what I would do for anyone.

Then I listen…
Wisdom is having lots to say and not saying it

This is pretty much exactly what I did, however, I can’t help engaging in conversation. I like to defend my faith, I find it exciting and challenging! I tried to just listen as much as possible, so I could get where she was coming from, though.


TraditionalCath, that was extremely helpful. I am going to take all of your advice.

I must have troubled her a couple times the first time, because she seemed ready to leave at least twice. At the end, she said I made some good points, and asked if she could come back. I said sure, anytime. I hope I wasn’t overly enthusiastic. I am really going to try hard to be charitable and hopefully, maybe plant enough seeds to change her heart, eventually, back to the truth. I respect someone who is passionate about their faith, and told her so.

Oh, and no problem here on the modest dress. Thanks for the heads up, though. I’ll make certain to be extra careful when I see her pull in the drive next time.


they don’t mind enthusiasm, so long as it is enthusiasm for their belief. they would think if you were enthusiastic for your belief, they would interpret that to mean as, oh she is trying to convert me! oh dangerrrrrrr! try to curb your enthusiasm, remain
charitable, and easy to talk to. do not show eagerness because they will interpret that the wrong way. remember, these are detail people. they read body language very well.

keep up your good work!:thumbsup:

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