your blessed number 144000 and what you do with it?


If you are the 144000th to enter the Heaven and your daughter is still alive. Would you pray to have your daughter to go Heaven? and you are to be somewhere else?

Would you love your daughter enough to pray for that?
Or would you hold on that number to yourself?

If you say you don’t know what your number is? Would you be fighting to at least get the number 144000?


Gosh… that’s a hard thing to face!

But just remember that JWs are so brainwashed, they won’t even worry about it. They will be appy w/their kids are going to live on Paradise Earth, and if hey don’t follow the rules, they are also happy to know they will be destroyed by Jehovah. Remember that JWs are not really family oriented. They are KH-oriented.

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