Your career and evangelizing

Does your career offer ample opportunity for you to evangelize? I’m in the healthcare field and there is no lack of opportunity to pray with the sick and dying. A coworker of mine said that this is our ministry and I truly feel that way. I find myself talking about God and the Bible on a daily basis wi th many people who I come into contact with. This is the first time I can say I feel comfort in doing so. I’m even suprising myself but it is a good suprise. It keeps me humble and rounded.

Does your career walk hand in hand with your faith?

My career utilizes the skills and gifts the Lord has blessed me with. I am where I have been called to be. It’s secretarial work, however, in the public sector. Does it walk hand in hand with my faith? No, but I believe God has called me here to be his light in this secular setting. Do I evangelize at work? Every moment through the kindness I convey when answering the phones, when serving my co-workers, when speaking truth when called upon to do so. I don’t preach, but I work hard to convey the love of Christ in my waking hours to those he brings to me throughout the day. I fall short often, but it’s more like tripping, I regain my balance and keep moving.

And that’s how it should be. They only need to see Christ in you, to encounter Him in you. That is the evanglization all are called to do. Not all are called to preach.

God either puts us where He wants us, or He finds ways to work through us, wherever we’re at. Besides, how we live and treat others, and live our faith, is as much of a witness as preaching ever could be. Not too long ago, there was a priest on the radio noting that you don’t really convince people with complex arguments, but rather by showing them Christ within you. It is a world and a way of life that most people want, as sin can’t offer them peace, but they are often not aware of that longing until they see how living a godly life brings contentment to others. Personally, I’m not good at evangelization through words, so I just try to show my faith through my actions. I will say that I also won’t hide my faith to please others, even though this has cost me financially.

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