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Hello friends.

I am Baptist and considering converting to the catholic church. I have many questions. The differences between the two belief systems has been exhausting to study. I understand classes are next should I make that step.

My question to the the group is about the sociology of your church group, fellowship with members, and the relationships with your spiritual family. Do you depend on your church family for issues other than spiritual growth? If so, in what way?

I am looking for a church family. I am a father of three small girls and and quite frankly need help.

I have left the Baptist church in my area. In my experience, Baptist groups are overflowing with emotion and helpfulness in the church setting. However, when it comes time for someone to make a personal sacrifice or to reach out, you may be in trouble. It is possible that this situation will exist no matter what church group I belong to.

The Catholic Church helps financially, with furniture and food via the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Catholic Food Banks and soup kitchens. You can make an appointment with a local parish priest and he can refer your case to the St. Vincent de Paul Society if you need help financially.

The Catholic Church also feeds people spiritually by offering Daily Mass, Adoration, Bible Studies, home blessings, RCIA classes, Rosary Prayer Groups, Charismatic Prayer Groups.

The Catholic Church feeds people emotionally by offering various functions for socialization like Pancake Breakfasts, Coffee Hour, Octoberfests and various Saints’ Day celebrations - like St. Patrick’s Day with Irish dancing and dinner, Volleyball teams, Basket Ball teams and other sports.

There are numerous opportunities for people to get involved. It’s up to each individual to make a decision of how involved and how uninvolved he or she decides to be in the Catholic Church. The bare minimum requirement is participation in Mass on Sundays.

Welcome Home! Yes. Within the Catholic Church’s parish life you will find a spiritual family. The are groups and organizations you can join that will increase your faith and support you in raising your children. If you think you are ready, this is a good time to call your local parish office and enroll in the RCIA process; classes generally start in the Fall and end around the end of May. You will find others there, who are on the same journey and the RCIA team will be a great resource for you. :bible1:

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