Your Church?

Yes, the early church, the church from which my church came, wrote the scriptures, and compiled them into a canon of scripture.

Unfortunately, there later came a split in that church. But that’s OK. We still have the scriptures put together by the early church. In them, we have the apostolic witness.

To God be the glory.

Please provide evidence that YOUR Church is the True Church that was also the early Church, who put the bible together. I would really want to see the evidence of this and how the Catholic Church has been misleading her people for so long. You believe William C has been enlightened and that Thousands of Saints and Theologians have been wrong. You want to convert us lost Catholics but you only provide one liners as answers but have nothing of substance behind your words. Please enlighten us on your claim. I believe the ball is in your court to prove this. Thanks!


So, you’re saying that your own faith community is like the early church?

I don’t think so and neither will anyone else who reads what the earliest church writings say their services were like.

That description can be found in my article What Was Authentic Early Christian Worship Really Like?

As for the idea that you have the same scriptures, that is not true unless your Bible contains all 73 books that were canonized as inspired by the Catholic Church in the late 4th century.

I ask you to provide documentation of this alleged split as to time and leaders and doctrines that they believed and taught. It would also help for you to show where exactly the early church specifically says they also believed those same things. I don’t believe that you can do so.

Since these are your assertions, the burden of documenting proof is on you and if you can’t provide same, your case fails epically.

Here is a link to the quote above.

What I said is clear, franc. :shrug:

Proof Please. Your words are of a Anti Catholic person. Therefor are considered invalid and biased to me. I can say my car was the first car built in the world, but just cause I say it doesn’t make it so, now does it. I see this in all of your posts. You post one line zingers but never prove anything. Fingers in your ear saying lalalala are not an effective way of converting us evil Catholics.:rolleyes:

What I said is clear, franc. :shrug:

Ok William, I guess I know what your answer is. Thanks! :thumbsup:


Don’t waste your time. Your are correct. WilliamC will not answer the most basic question or enter into any meaningful dialogue. All he does is, as you said, post zingers and scripture quotes and ask basically sarcastic questions. He’s not here to really try to inform us–for if he was he would provide clarification or explanation of his beliefs when asked–or to try to understand what we believe. He repeatedly misstates our beliefs, even after being corrected, and will only answer questions with questions. One.would think that if he were sincere in wanting to save us poor and misguided Catholics he would engage in meaningful discussion and show us the error of our ways and explain how his beliefs are true and why they are. He is not interested in that and it makes one wonder if he is really as committed to his beliefs as one would gather from the tone of his posts or if his slightly bullying posture is not covering up some insecurity he has regarding his beliefs.


Good. It’s not worth the effort, franc. In the end, you will hold onto your position, and I will hold onto mine.

Look, you had your chance. I told you the answer to your initial question was bit too involved, and invited an easier entry into conversation, and you declined.

You declined. :shrug:

Clearly this thread is spun off another one which I haven’t been following. So, I apologize in advance if you’ve already answered the following questions:

Did the Apostles teach different doctrines to different people? Yes or no? Did the Apostles and other leaders of the early Church believe it was okay to have false doctrines within the Church? Yes or no?
Did the Apostles break fellowship with those who were teaching different doctrines than they were teaching? Yes or no?
Did Jesus and the Apostles demand conformity to the doctrines they taught? Yes or no?
Were the Apostles infallible in their teaching on faith and morals? Yes or no?
Can you be “one” with someone who believes in false doctrines? Yes or no?
In your church, can two walk together if they are not in agreement? Yes or no?
Did Jesus give his real flesh or his symbolic flesh for the life of the world? Real or symbolic?
Did Jesus say that the bread he would give us to eat, which, if we ate we would live for ever, was the flesh that He would give for the life of the world? Yes or no?
Did Jesus say that we had to eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to have eternal life? Yes or no?
Did Jesus say that His flesh was food indeed and that His blood was drink indeed? Yes or no?
Do you believe the Body of Christ, the church, with Jesus as its head, can teach error in the areas of faith and morals? Yes or no?

I have more questions, but this should suffice for starters.


I did not decline anything and was not invited to “an easier entry into conversation”.

If you would review the few posts we exchanged on that thread I think you will find:

  1. I inquired regarding your beliefs regarding Israel and asked for a brief explanation if possible or a site I could go to to explore them.

You replied “its a bit involved” and then suggested that I was wanting to do something and then provided a suggestion as to what I might be wanting to do.

  1. I replied that I found a statement of yours interesting and wanted to explore your beliefs regarding Israel. That I was seeking knowledge and not trying to do anything.

Your reponse was to ask what interested me about your use of scripture regarding Israel.

  1. I replied by explaining what I thought your belief might be but that I wasn’t sure and that I was seeking clarification. I did not decline anything. I simply yet you know that as it did not appear you wanted to provide that clarification that I wouldn’t trouble you about it any longer. You were always free to provide it clarification. I simply was not going to press you for it.

Instead of saying you were interested in providing clarification and conversation on the matter you replied O.K. :confused:

At that point my feeling was that you were not interested in engaging in discussion. And I didn’t trouble you further. You were always free to disabuse me of that notion. Instead I got “O.K.” I really don’t see an invitation to an “easier conversation”. I apologize if you were interested in conversation–I just didn’tt see it. I could see an endless stream of questions from you getting me nowhere–I’m sorry if I was wrong. We appear to read a lot of the same threads and I get that feeling when I read them also. Just happens that one statement of your intrigued me and so I inquired.


Sure, you did, and now you’re complaining about.

I was not complaining I was correcting. You stated an untruth (which you have reiterated here) and I responded to it by outlining our interaction on the other thread that you were refering to. So I would ask you to please cite where I declined your gracious “invitation to easier conversation” and then please cite where you believe you offered this “invitation to easier conversation”-- as I have missed it.


I didn’t state an untruth, Mark.

You declined to continue, and when said you wouldn’t “trouble me anymore,” I said, “OK.”

And here you are now, “troubling me.” :shrug: Let your “yes be yes, and your no be no,” and your I won’t “trouble you anymore,” be just that, Mark.

Due to member’s refusal to participate.

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