Your Dreams Get More Bizarre as the Night Goes On


As the night wears on, your dreams escalate in weirdness, finds a small new study published in the journal Dreaming.

For two nights, the researchers outfitted 16 people with a sleep-monitoring eyelid sensor and head sensor, then proceeded to wake each person up at four different times in the night. Sleepers were asked to say what they’d been dreaming, and in the morning, they listened to their dreams and answered questions about them, like how related the dreams were to their waking life.

“We found that dreams were increasing in bizarreness from the early to late night,” says study author Dr. Josie Malinowski, a lecturer in cognitive psychology at the University of Bedfordshire in the U.K. The later dreams were more fantastical, impossible, and completely unlikely to ever happen in real life, “like a wild animal tearing up your back garden,” she says. Dreams also tend to become more emotional—in equal ways positive and negative—as the night progresses.


From my own experience, I believe this.


My dreams do tend to get more and more bizarre the further in they get(although they are often still impossible and insane early on too).


I equate bizarre dreams to oversleeping.
You know that point when you roll over to roast the other side even though you are supposed to get up.
That point when you could have and should have gotten up but did not.
Stop hitting the snooze button.:shrug:


I heard the theory that your dreams can reflect your conscious state of mind. If you are under stress or in a difficult time, your dreams reflect that in darkness and craziness. When you are happier, your dreams become more pleasing. Maybe as a pattern it is true, but I’ve had really good, comforting dreams when very bad things are happening and vice versa, so who knows. Do you ever wonder if God or eternity is in your dreams? I do. Just by feelings or images, mostly. I think dreams are incredibly important, even mystical sometimes. I am happy to report I generally have good ones and I hate waking up from them. But I do have really weird ones on occasion. Also I don’t remember them the way I used to. I get up now and couldn’t care less about what I dreamed. I used to really ponder it. That only happens rarely now.


I wonder if the dreams would have become increasingly bizarre if the sleepers had not been wakened. The last dream might have been the most bizarre at least in part due to having been wakened several times prior to the dream since this disturbs the normal sleep pattern.


Dreams don’t get more bizarre as we sleep.

Dreams get more bizarre after being woken up repeatedly from a sound sleep.

Just ask any new parent.


Good point.
Besides sixteen seems like an awfully small sample to draw any conclusions from.

I don’t usually remember dreams but I have found that the longer a dream goes on the weirder it gets, i.e., it reaches a logical conclusion and keeps on going into something nutty.


Just like some of the other threads on these forums… :smiley:


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