Your favorite bad, but NOT offensive movie

I love cheesy movies. My friends and I go Mystery Science Theater 3000 on them all the time.

Does anyone else like them? A few of my favorites-

The Karate Kid part III- Always good to see a 29 year old man playing a “kid”. To make the villain more villainous, he dumps (literally) toxic waste in certain places.

Glitter-2001 (Mariah Carey)-Amazing to see! One of my favorite scene’s is where she clutches a cat when she is around 6. The same cat when she is 26. Also, she plays a big star that can walk around NYC unrecognized. A classic of cheese.

Many more to list.

Try to stick with bad movies that aren’t particulary offensive, just funny bad.

I’ll go with Rustler’s Rhapsody. Sure, many people will say that it was too great of a movie to be called “bad”, but since a lot of people haven’t seen it, I’ll give it a plug. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to see the movie Kung Pow.

It’s a spoof of the dubbed asian martial arts films from the 70’s/80’s. It’s really funny and the whole family will be laughing throughout the movie.

My favorite bad movie was “Iron Eagle”.

I love the film for it’s realism…

A teenager gets with the rest of his high school buddies manage to orchestrate his father’s rescue in a n oil-rich Middle Eastern country…

This is totally plausible!!!:eek:

If that wasn’t real enough, the dictator of that country decides that none of his fighters are qualified to take this kid on in a dogfight. Instead, he goes up himself and gets creamed.

This stuff probably happens ALL the time.:eek:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


Recently it’s Napoleon Dynamite- the most offensive thing in it is mild potty humor.
I also love Independence Day. Stereotypical characters, cheesy lines, I love it.
One of my favorites though is Terror in the Haunted House. It has ‘sublimal’ scenes, but you can see them for a split second; if you pause the VCR you can see them.

Monster Squad!!!

Love at First Bite

Double Dragon

Nacho Libre “Did you not tell them they were the Lord’s chips?”

Dumb and Dumber

Dr Strangelove

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Among others:

*]Angry Red Planet
*]Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
*]20 million miles to earth

“Lords of the Deep”. Same basic plot as “The Abyss”, only with less budget and worse acting.

That comment reminded me of the horrifically bad Lake Placid with Oliver Platt. He was in another terrible movie, A Time To Kill. I HATE bad legal dramas! They’re so cliché ridden-the defense attorney gets berated for anything he says, the judge is corrupt, and it takes a soul stirring final summation to get the poor man off.

And I love good legal dramas like 12 Angry Men, A Few Good Men, and the like.

Mine pretty much covers genres more than exact movies.

For example, any WWII movie that features Germans talking for instance. I love Stalag 17, but hey, come on, the Germans are speaking English with really bad German Accents. I always find myself screaming back at the TV, Hey, you guys are German Officers in your own office, why are you all speaking English? What if the fuehrer’ should walk in?

Also, pretty much any SciFi or Horror movie from the 50’s. For example, Vincent Price flicks. Please check your sense of reality at the door. The Fly, okay, the guy has morphed into a Fly, but he has a human head. I love watching these movies.

I ll try to think of more, I like this topic…

Yeah, I loved the original 12 Angry Men…really not a typical legal drama. But I think you’re right about the last scenes of most of these movies always being saved by a surprise witness or supeior summations…

**Supergirl **

Cheezy dialogue and plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, yet I enjoy it. Okay, I admit it, Helen Slater looks good as the title character… :smiley:

It flopped in theaters, but I think it’s actually better than the last two Christopher Reeve Superman movies. (Then again almost anything is better than Superman IV :stuck_out_tongue: )

IMHO, Supergirl’s “flying ballet” near the beginning of the movie is itself worth the price of a rental.

Howard the Duck. Sure, Leah Thompson was a 25yo Cutie and Holly Robinson is beautiful (remember 21 Jump Street?), but the whole movie seemed like they were waiting for the next scene to start laughing.

Almost any Elvis movie… Pretty much the same plot in each movie, just put Elvis in a race car, Vegas Club, on the beach, doesnt matter… Surround him with girls and jealous guys…

When Camp was King…

Rocky Iv. Pure 1980’s, Reagan-era, Beat the Soviets awesomeness. It has everything: James Brown and Apollo Creed doing a duet on “Living in America”, Apollo Creed actually dying in the ring while Ivan Drago lets the crowd know that “If he dies, he dies”, Ivan Drago punching with enough force to actually decapitate Rocky yet Rocky taking it for fifteen rounds, the ridiculous Siberian training montage that ends with Rocky running up a mountain, and the final absurdity of a Soviet crowd giving the American a standing ovation.

That movie is sheer awesomeness. I used to watch it before football practice, and laugh uproariously while simultaneously getting the chills and being ready to beat the Russians.

D-2: The Mighty Ducks is also awesome, but it did have me thinking Iceland was actually a hockey power. Oh, and The Delta Force with Chuck Norris.

Let’s add any Kung Fu/Martial Arts movie to the list…

Oh, your right about the Rocky series. While the first one is actually quite good, the sequels are virtually unwatchable, aside from comic value.

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