Your favorite BEATLES ALBUM is

tough choice?

Hard Days Night. The movie is good, too.

Yes!!! But if poll asked which Beatle songs to dump, I’d throw out Obladi Oblada/Yellow Submarine in an instant.

Beatles VI



so I didn’t vote

It was a tough choice…I love Sgt. Pepper! I love the White Album! But in the end, I chose Abbey Road :thumbsup:

i know. it IS tough:)

Abbey Road.

Not one bad song on that album. It’s really the only album I listen to from start to finish in a sitting.

tough choice. :smiley:

But I find myself going often to Abbey Road. Side 2 is amazing.

All right…I can feel the pressure…Abbey Road it is…“Out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent, all that money’s gone, nowhere to go…but all that magic feeling…nowhere to go…one two three four five six seven, all good children go to heaven.” How I love that guitar at the end of the song!!!

Thanks for bringing back memories from decades ago. :thumbsup:

Rubber Soul

I voted Revolver, but Abbey Road is a close second. I also like Rubber Soul & Hard Days Night. What the heck, I like 'em all (although I haven’t heard all of these albums in their entirety).

Since I can’t vote on it, I’ll say that it really depends on my mood. As far as the different eras go (self-categorisation):

Early Beatles (PPM to Beatles for Sale): A Hard Day’s Night (HM: Please Please Me)
Middle Beatles (Help! to Revolver): Rubber Soul (HM: Help!)
Later Beatles (Sgt. Pepper and later): Abbey Road (HM: Sgt. Pepper)

I disagree, there is one bad song: “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. But the rest of the album is great. Among my favorites from side 1 are the under-rated “Octopus’ Garden” and “I Want You: She’s So Heavy”. I like the transition from the white noise “snowstorm” at the end of that to “Here Comes the Sun”.

White Album all the way. Every single song the Beatles recorded was amazing, so I’m judging by sheer amount of music since I believe almost all their songs are equal.

Tough indeed. So many great albums, made up of so many great songs.


I voted other.
HELP! is my favorite.

Abbey Road


No explanation.

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