Your favorite black & white 1/2 hour sitcom is?

What classic b&w 30 minute sitcom is your favorite?

If i missed yours, sorry, just write it in.:slight_smile:

I Love Lucy, when I can overlook the sometimes overbearing Ricky attitude. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you forgot Bewitched! Or does that not count since it later became colourised?

Also, what’s the Dick van Asterisks Show?

How could you forget Green Acres with Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert! What were you thinking?! LOL!

:rotfl: Stupid word censor.

Why isn’t the first word asterisks as well?

Ill second Bewitched love that show.

There are quite a few 1/2 hr b&w shows not mentioned

Mr. Ed
Life with Elizabeth
The Beverly Hillbillies
Gilligan’s Island
I Dream of Jeannie
Petticoat Junction

Several of them started in b&w.

theres only room for 10 choices guys, sorry.

just post your favorite and i’ll add up the votes later:)

:hypno: :hypno: :hypno: The Twilight Zone**… ** :hypno: :hypno: :hypno:

great show, but not a comedy:)

Gilligan’s Island was my favorite but I also enjoyed the Munsters.

I Love Lucy-great comedy+ great music!:thumbsup:

I Dream of Jeanie was only black and white in the very beginning. And Petticoat Junction was in color for most of its run too.

I Love Lucy. Hands down. Easy. Lucille Ball is the greatest female comedian of all time.

Gilligans Isand mostly color too

It used to be. Don’t complain. :wink:

As for the topic of this thread, I have seen many of the shows on the list, but that was decades ago when was a kid. My tastes have changed, so can’t really hazard a pick at this stage in my life.

My favorite is I Love Lucy. Though I did mostly sympathize with Fred and Ethel Mertz.

Gilligan’s Island, I dream of Jeanie, Lucy

The Beav- although Father Knows Best was a very close second. My 3 Sons was pretty good, too.

Have to go with The Dick Van-D show…
Great Ensemble cast.
Mary Tyler Moore is a doll and very funny in her own right even though technically she was meant as more of a “straight man” for Dick.

It’s one of the few shows that just never seems to get old or dated to me…

Andy Griffith was great too but frankly, as funny as Don Knots was, I could only handle him in small doses…
And the one time when Barney DID do everything right (the cave in episode) the producers felt the need to set that up so that the “rescue” wasn’t “real”…They couldn’t even give him that one moment…It just seemed so unnecessary

Lucy is also good - but different. The comedy is more broad and visual than the Dick Van-D

Yea - Gotta Go with the Dick Van-D show…


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