Your favorite black & white 1/2 hour sitcom is?

Steptoe & Son.

** Oops, sorry Itullian, I didn’t mean to go off topic ( I didn’t see the word sitcom :confused:). I guess I
was in the Twilight Zone when I read your post. :smiley: Hahaha…
Lesson: Don’t answer posts when you are super tired ! :blush:

Guess I would have to say Lucy, with Leave it to Beaver and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet right behind.**

Most definitely “I Love Lucy”! :slight_smile:

Gomer Pyle was originally in black & white.

I got a chuckle at that.

I like the Lone Ranger…but I don’t think it is considered a sitcom.

I have never seen it, but recognize the name. Its the British series which we Americans -]stole/-] borrowed and recast as *Sanford and Son *.

Nothing succeeds like success. :o

You made me choose between Andy Griffith and “The Addams Family.” Shame! :wink:

My runners-up would be “Dick van ****” and “Bewitched.” :thumbsup:

That is a tough choice. I has so many good memories from all of them. I guess I will go with Addams Family. I love their cluelessness to their own freakioddity.

Probably the Andy Griffith Show, although Andy’s white lies got tiresome.

Get Smart started out as black and white, but I think that was only the first episode or two, so I figured I couldn’t choose it.

F-Troop or McHale’s Navy (interesting how different the pilot was from the series).

The Honeymooners

2nd favorite…I Love Lucy

We watch a lot of these shows on netflix as a family and enjoy them tremendously. We started watching The Andy Griffith Show a couple of weeks before he died–it is definitely our favorite.

Andy Griffith died? When?!

July 3, 2012

May he rest in peace…

The funniest thing I think he ever did was…

"[What it was was football]("")"


First seasons of Beverly Hillbillies and Gilligan’s Island were B/W too. Classic. Granny was a hoot. B?W seasons were by far the best. Dobie Gillis is another one…

Mr Drysdale: Jed, give the man a tip.

Jed: Son, plant your corn early, it’s been a mild winter…

Oh my, I never heard of this. Why is it I have to hear about the Cardassians and other useless people but when someone like Andy Griffith dies I don’t hear anything about it? :frowning:

if you haven’t seen him in “no time for sargeants”, you must.

and that’s why word sensors on message boards never have and never will work. Here in Iowa, there’s a school district, called D ike-New Hartford, on an Iowa St. fan message board, yep, the first word is filtered out and my guess is that it would be filtered out here as well.

So many good shows back then it really is hard to pick just one.
I voted for Andy but love them all including Petticoat Junction :slight_smile:

The Gale Storm Show

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