Your Favorite Catholic Non-Fiction Writers

Was wondering what other people are reading when it comes to non-fiction Catholic writing … I have enjoyed quite a few of Henri Nouwen’s books lately.

Gary Wills
Patrick Madrid

Peter Kreeft
G K Chesterton
Bernard Lonergan
William F. Buckley
St. Teresa of Avila
Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

G.K. Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc.

Gary Wills espouses heretical and immoral views in his book, fyi.

Scott Hahn
Thomas Howard
James Martin SJ
Roy Schoeman

Gary Wills is a major disappointment



Yay Henri Nouwen!! He brought me to L’Arche through his book “Road to Daybreak”, which I LOVED…what a wonderful priest!

Scott Hahn is always an awesome writer,

Matthew Kelly (is that the name? He wrote “Rediscovering Catholicism”)

:thumbsup: I smiled when I saw this!!! :slight_smile:


Oh, I forgot:

Fr. Robert Barron

He’s great.

There’s this guy… Karl Keating, I think is his name??? I think he’s pretty good! :wink:

Fr. Lukefahr
Matthew Kelly
Fr. Barron
Henri Nouwen
Fr. Larry Richards
May think of more later…

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