Your favorite COMEDY TEAM of all time is

your choice?

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor

Does that fit?

sure, 1 vote for them:)

You forgot Little Rascals. :wink:

…but, they would be a tie with the 3 Stooges, so I got to vote.

Stiller and Meara.

Parents of Ben and very very funny in their own right.

yeah, and The Dead End Kids too.


No worries, after all you’re in the twilight zone…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my gosh yes, they were hysterically funny! I remember them from back in 19… well, along time ago in my childhood. :wink:

How about Obama and Biden?:smiley:

Cheech and Chong


Monty Python
Black Adder
The Two Ronnies

Why the #@$%* am I the only one to vote for Abbott and Costello??!!! If that’s not a crime than I don’t know what is.

Who’s on first?

What’s on second?

I Don’t Know!

Why no Monty Python? HOW CAN YOU FORGET MONTY PYTHON? :mad:

Porky Pig & Daffy Duck?

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd.

Why aren’t the Smothers Brothers on here? I’m not saying that they’re my favorite, but they had some pretty funny stuff.

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