Your favorite cross/crucifix

I was surfing the internet a few months ago and found what is now my favorite crucifix, the San Damiano cross.

What impressed me was not only the art, but the expression on Christ’s face. Fortunately, I managed to find a rosary that uses this cross.

Do you have a favorite cross/crucifix? Can you share a photo?

I very much like the cross you chose. I don’t have a true favorite yet, but I always liked JPII’s cross & the cross of St. Benedict :slight_smile:

I love the San Damiano Cross as well. Also the Byzantine 3-bar cross…

The Jerusalem cross. We all know it:

+ ] +

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Sorry for the kludge with ASCII, I never figured out how to post pix.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

St. Benedict Crucifix, papal cross.

The St. Benedict Crucifix that has been blessed by Blessed John Paul II, by a Bishop, and been on the altar for several Masses and used in several delieverance sessions and exorcism as well. This is my most prized possession. Sometimes I am asked if the house was burning down and I could grab one thing, I would grab the crucfix. It is always in easy distance where ever I am.

God bless.

My favorite crucifix is a sterling papal cross held and blessed by JPII. I love it.

This beautiful crucifix (the 14" size) will be adorning my all-white home altar very soon. It’s hard to find - apparently it went out of production and multiple stores online are out of it. If you want to find it yourself, you can do a search for “white alabaster baroque crucifix”. :wink:

I wear this one everyday!

Cross=Benedictine :cool:

Crucifix-San Damiano (although I really like Blessed JPII the Great’s, too)


starburst crucifix

That is too cool. :thumbsup: Where did you find the rosary that uses this cross? Thanks!

I love mariner crucifixes.

I have nothing to show, but I just want to say I bought my first crucifix today. It’s a tiny little silver cross with a tiny corpus that I am wearing on a slim silver necklace.It’s small enough to be worn in the office.

I just want to say it does wonders for me, knowing that it declares to the world that I’m a Christian.

Am I supposed to get it blessed?

A green opal on silver Jerusalem cross that I purchased in Bethlehem three years ago.

You don’t need to, but it certainly is a good thing to do!

This Thread brings to mind the Two Crucifixes that Pope John Paul II and present Pope Benedict XI presently use.

They’re all warped and twisted in grotesque form.
I read over the years some controversy over these Crucifixes and what symbolism is being conveyed.

I’ve never seen these Crucifixes until Pope John Paul !! began using it.

Now before a huge argument ensues I’m all for understanding and meditating and delving deeply into the horrid Sufferings and Passion of Jesus our Beloved Savior.

Still though I find these crucifixes terribly grotesque.
I’ve seen far better looking Crucifixes capturing the full sentiments of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

So why such a grotesque image on these Papal Crucifixes?
I certainly wouldn’t purchase one from a Catholic Religious Store.
These Papal Crucifixes do nothing for me but disturb me.

I would far more want to meditate on the Passion of Christ looking at an image of the Pietà or Stations of the Cross and feel far more about sentiments about the Passion inside than gazing at these grotesque Papal Crucifixes.

Never before in Vatican History have I seen such ugly disgusting art depicted in something that should inspire some quality of respectful edification within the Church.

Just my :twocents: respectfully deposited.

your San Damiano crucifix will have even more meaning when you understand its history and the meaning of every part of the icon

since I received a pamphlet with this information when I purchased my first one (at the Steubenville book store) it has also become my favorite in my prayer corner.

Primacy of place is still given to my Benedictine crucifix and medal I received upon my profession as an oblate, and that is the one I wear.
here is a link to the meaning of the letters and images on the St. Benedict medal

I really like the St. Benedict crucifix. I have one in front of me here on my desk and the other is on my Rosary.

My daughter just has a basic crucifix in her room… We recently discovered that the cross part of it glows in the dark!

How do people here at CAF feel about the Resurrection Crucifix?

I’ve researched this topic here in the search engine and found a thread about it.

I really can’t say I’m particular about it due to the fact that Suffering and Mortification are integral parts of Spiritual Life.

As the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen said; You can have No Easter in your human life without First having gone through Good Friday.

I think it takes a heck a lot of guts in ones life to believe and begin to understand that Suffering is good for us…for the Spiritual Soul detached from the Five Senses of the Imperfect Human Flesh and the Materialism of this World. One can never really celebrate the Joys of Spiritual Easter in human life in the truest sense without first having gone through Good Friday’s in our lives.

The Cross of Christ and acknowledging His Sufferings are always before us.
We can pretend to run away from them but eventually we come face to face with them.

Maybe I’m wrong saying this by some but if were only focused on the Resurrection of Christ how can that alone bring us Humble Spiritual Merit?

No Easter without Good Friday. The Celebration of Christ’s Holy Birth from the Wood of the Crib would lead Him to a Life of Suffering to the Wood of the Cross for our sakes.

It was a Crucified Christ that Eclipsed the Infinite Beauty of the Resurrection.
I guess I’m just too old fashion in praying before a Traditional Crucifix at the Church and at home knowing that Jesus died for my sinful failures and betrayal at times.

I get to thinking that trying to grasp the most profound aspects and Merits of Suffering and Mortification blinds me of the most profound aspects of the Glory of the Resurrection. Yeah I know I’m just an infant Brat Spiritual Kid before God making humble efforts to find my way Home in God’s Abode.

I’ve (hopefully) attached a picture of our crucifix. My wife and I bought in while we were stationed in South Korea 23 years ago. It’s pretty large I guess, about 2ft high and 1ft wide. The wood is a beautiful dark wood, not sure what type, and the corpus is pewter. Hard to see but the crown of thorns is gold plated. We’ve always hung a rosary from it as a sign of devotion to our Blessed Mother. It hangs to the right of our front door so it is seen by all who enter and leave. We were young and thought it could be a good family heirloom. As the years have gone by I see that it is exactly that. I hope it gets passed down for many generations.

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