Your Favorite Icons


What’s your favorite religious icon?

Mine is the Divine Mercy:


I don’t know many of the icons so I can’t say that I have a favourite. However, there is a nice icon of Our Blessed Mother in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York. I don’t know the name, but I thought it was a beautiful image.


It’s Our Lady of Czestochowa… I agree it is quite beautiful! :slight_smile:


I have Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary…I put them side by side…


I have an 11" x 14" copy of this icon in my bedroom…

This is the icon I see as I fall asleep, and wake up. An icon that invites quiet meditation and contemplation.:heaven:


I am partial to these two icons from Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY…

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They’re the main icons in my icon corner. :slight_smile:


I love the Divine Mercy too!


Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Our Lady of Czestochowa… missing the proper letters because I don’t have languages enabled yet. I think I need to somehow make it a point to visit Jasna Gora, Hill of Light.


My favorite is the Pantocrator of Sinai, but I also like Our Lady the Life Giving Fountain, and there’s an accidently matching one showing Our Lord issuing from a Chalice, called The Living Bread.


I just noticed, Jezu ufam tobie. Po polsku! :slight_smile:


I particularly like Rublev’s icon of the Most Holy Trinity:

Also, a new icon of which I would love to have a copy has been written by Bro. Claude Lane, O.S.B., of Mt. Angel Abbey in Oregon in commemoration of the the giving of the Carmelite Rule by St. Albert of Jerusalem (the Discalced Carmelite Friars have a new House of Studies across the road from the Benedictine Abbey). You can see it here:


Another icon I would dearly love to have is a copy of this one…


Our Lady of Perpetual Help (can’t remember the Greek title)
Christ the Teacher
the famous Russian one of the Trinity as the 3 angels under the oak of Mamre
the Holy Face


Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The way she’s looking you straight in the face… it’s like you’re talking to her when you’re praying… she hears you.


I have 2:

Madonna di Montenero: (I have an equal devotion to the Madonna della Guardia, but can’t find an icon :frowning: )

Father Benedictus:


The Pantocrator of Sinai is my absolute favorite.

I also am very fond of an icon called Do Not Lament Me, Mother, very similar to the Pieta, which I bought from an icon painter in Romania on eBay, of all places. It has a place of honor in my dining room. Shoshana has one very much like it in her signature.


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