Your favorite Mass. (Music)

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Pope Marcellus Mass by Palestrina. Anyone else have a favorite?

Our choir needs to learn another Mass for when we start having High Mass every weekend. Currently, we use one of Schubert’s Masses. (Sorry, not sure which)

Any suggestions?

try rutter. as an anglican, the guy can write a great mass. no one has to know he’s a protestant.

I seem to also remember a fovrite at my old parish by R.R. Terry. Can’t remember the title…

Now I will start to sound like a Traditionalist :wink:

There is no music by Palestrina. Palestrina is not a last name. This is the same as the story for Leonardo da (from) Vinci. Giovanni Pierluigi was born in the town of Palestrina and he played the organ in the Church Sant’ Agapito in Palestrina. At the time the professional order (e.g. weavers) or towns of origin (e.g. Palestrina, Vinci) where added to the names but they were not really last names.

Ah, Mozart’s Requiem is exceedingly beautiful.

I like a lot the chanting from a monastery founded by St. Romualdo in Tuscany (Italy). I used to visit that place every summer when I was a kid. This summer I bought their Psalter but I did not have enough cash with me (they did not take credit cards) to by their set of CDs. That is really good music and I thought of trying to buy a copy of the CDs by calling them. However, I have not got to it yet (YES! I am a procrastinator).

Mozart’s “Coronation Mass”, Gounod’s “St. Cecilia Mass”, Tallis’s “Mass for Four Voices”, and the Gregorian “Missa de Angelis” and “Missa cum iubilo” especially when accompanied by organ. I also really like the Masses by Palestrina and Thomas Luis de Victoria, and a lot of their other polyphonic music. Oh, and Schubert’s German Mass even though it technically isn’t a Mass setting.

Vierne’s Messe Solennelle, especially the Kyrie.

Oh! the Kyrie is so ominous! I love it!

Thanks for the history lesson .:smiley:

I think you need to first discern the a cappella Masses from the orchestral ones. I’m rather fond of Haydn’s orchestral Masses but I don’t think I’m going to be singing one anytime soon.

My favorite Mass is Tomas Luis da (de) Victoria (Vittoria) “O quam gloriosum est regnum”

I’ve sung this with my cathedral choir.

I would love to be able to sing Charpentier which is entirely appropriate for French Louisiana

Or Haydn…

There is a rich treasure house of good Latin Masses out there. Some have orchestral transcriptions for organ and choir. Your best bet is to look at the a capella Masses from the Renaissance and early Baroque period.

Guilty pleasure: I sing along on Saturday morning when I’m cleaning house.

I go to a TLM. My favorite is always the Sung Mass. I love latin!

Which Mass do you like though? In terms of music? Gregorian Chants (if so, which ones) or do you like orchestral Masses? :slight_smile:

Orbis Factor is my favorite. very ethereal.

I “googled” this and there is a Gregorian Chant Mass setting and one evidently based upon the Gregorian Chant by the English Renaissance composer Christopher Tye.

I found an mp3 of the Kyrie for the Gregorian and the recording I heard was torpid. I can only think that Tye was the composer of something ethereal. Do you know which setting it was?

Here’s what a TLM Mass sounded like in Venice in 1595:

Or an early Renaissance Mass by Josquin de Prez - check out the last track, Pange Lingua, one of my personal favorites…

Or this Mass setting by Maurice Durufle written in the Twentieh Century

Missa Orbis Factor (midi):

Kyrie: MIDI
Gloria: MIDI
Sanctus: MIDI
Angus Dei: MIDI

i like the Gregorian Chant, and the sung Agnus Dei and so on:)

That’s the Gregorian Mass not Tye’s.

There’s a flow to Gregorian chant…emphasis on flow. The mp3 i heard was really torpid. Chant flows.

But, I will tell you this, my brothers and sisters, I learned to sing Latin starting when I was in first grade in 1956. I’m not making this up, this was the truth for those of us who went to Catholic School. In the third grade, I was an altar boy AND I sang on off wekends in the boys choir in Latin for the High Mass on Sunday - which is not to be confused with the Solemn High Mass which was later.

my four year old knows all his basic prayers in latin. at 2, he was singing in paradisum/chorus angelorum. he now knows about 6 songs in latin. kids are like sponges…

that’s the mass i like…Orbis Factor…i guess i didn’t understand what you were originally asking for…sorry

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